Ainscough Crane Hire Open 30th Crane Depot

Ainscough Crane Hire, the UK’s leading crane hire company, has opened its 30th depot in the UK, in Exeter. The new one-acre site on Greendale Business Park will be in operation from 1st December 2013.
Mark James, Southern Operational Manager at Ainscough said: “We have been looking to expand in the South West, and are very pleased to have a home in Exeter. The new depot will help our growing customer base and also to take some of the dependency away from Bristol and Plymouth, which have been jointly supporting the area from a distance. Customers in the Exeter area can benefit from a more proactive and localised approach with easier access to our fleet.”

Greendale Business Park hosts a variety of other businesses including FedEx and DHL Express. The site, which will hold approximately 12 cranes, is Ainscough’s third depot in the South West. The new depot is in addition to its Bristol and Plymouth sites.

Gareth Jones, Commercial Director at Ainscough said: “We are extremely proud to be able to open our 30th depot. This milestone outlines our commitment to customers and our determination to remain the UK’s leading crane hire company.”

Headquartered in Wigan, Ainscough Crane Hire is the largest lifting service company in the UK, now with 30 strategic locations spanning the UK from Aberdeen to Plymouth.

Ainscough Crane Hire Join In Halloween Fun

Ainscough Crane Hire, the UK’s leading crane hire company, has recently completed a Halloween stunt that involved suspending a giant pumpkin 150ft in the air and dropping it onto the floor below in front of a crowd of hundreds.
The event was held at the University of Bristol as part of a family fun weekend hosted by resident artist Melanie Jackson. Along with the main event that saw the 150cm diameter pumpkin being smashed, there were various other activities to get involved with such as jack-o-lantern making and vegetable sculpturing.

Ainscough’s Regional Operations Manager, Mark James, said: “This has been a very interesting project from start to finish and we are pleased to be involved with the activities at the University. We took notice from an American company who have done several of these drops, and our thanks to Jason White at “Unusual Rigging” for assisting us with the automatic release mechanism. All credit to our supervisor Mike Wools who certainly felt the weight of expectation of the crowd but the stunt was a great success.”

The crane used during the event was Ainscough’s 75 tonne Liebherr’s. The crane was positioned to ensure a sufficient ‘splat radius’ to protect spectators from low-flying pieces of pumpkin!

Talented artist Melanie Jackson, designed the event as part of her residency at the University of Bristol, where she has been exploring the work and ideology of space alongside the Biological Science Department.

The pumpkin stunt was coordinated by VINCI Construction.

Ainscough Crane Hire Open 30th Crane Depot - Ainscough Crane Hire