James Jack Crane Hire Install Christmas Tree

James Jack installed the Christmas tree ahead of the lights switch on in Aberdeen, marking the 25th Anniversary of twinning with Norwegian city, Stavanger. Hundreds turned up to celebrate the occasion with the Lord Provost of Aberdeen and the Deputy Mayor of Stavanger in attendance at the ceremony where a 35ft Norwegian spruce Christmas tree (an annual gift from the twinned city) was lit up for the first time this year.

The James Jack team from the Aberdeen depot where assigned to lift the tree in to place after it was inspected by the Forestry Commission and Aberdeen City Council’s arboriculture team. The monumental tree was brought into Castlegate and, with the assistance of a 25tonne City Crane, the team, consisting of crane operator Walter Petrie and slinger Simon Greenhill, lifted the tree in to position.

Barriers were placed around the tree for safety but were then moved for a short time to allow attendees to have a photograph taken with them in front of the Norwegian spruce.

After the ceremony, little marzipan pigs were handed out to the children (as is the tradition in Norway at this time of year) whilst the Salvation Army and Aberdeen Churches Together performed a carol service – we are delighted to help get the Christmas Festivities underway – as they say in Aberdeen “it’s a bonnie tree fir the bairns”.

Ainscough Crane Hire’s New 300Te Mobile Crane

Ainscough Crane Hire continues to innovate with the introduction of the Liebherr LTM 1300-6.2 all-terrain mobile crane; this includes an innovative drive concept; the engine in the chassis drives the crane superstructure by mechanical shaft in a single engine concept offering greater economy whilst operating on Eco-mode.

The 300Te crane also features a high lifting capacity and variable boom systems. On the one hand it is designed as a simple folding jib crane whilst on the other it is now a luffing jib crane which offers more flexibility in the applications in which it can be used. Click on the video to see how Variobase actually works.

Variable steering concept
The new 300Te crane is easy to manoeuvre with its five steering programs.
P1 Road steering
P2 All-wheel steering
P3 Crab steering
P4 Reduced swing out steering
P5 Independent rear axle steering

Introducing VarioBase
VarioBase is a new innovation which allows each individual outrigger to be extended to variable lengths. This allows you to work in constricted spaces where it may not have been possible to site a crane previously. The extension length and support force of each outrigger is measured by the cranes LICCON controller updating the maximum load capabilities for this application in the crane planner in the cab.

Higher lifting capacity and larger working range
When working directly over the outrigger VarioBase actually delivers higher load capacities over a larger working area. This actually means that in some scenarios a smaller crane can be specified to fit into a tighter space offering a safe solution to a potential tricky lifting situation. (see the video)

Let Ainscough plan the lift – the key is to get us on site early and let us plan the lift for you. The picture shows our proud driver Lee Grimwood from London with his new LTM 1300 – 6.2; the first 3 are now in the fleet and out working on site. VarioBase will be a standard feature on all new cranes for Ainscough in future.

James Jack Crane Hire Install Christmas Tree - Ainscough Crane Hire