Ainscough Invest In 11 New Mobile Cranes

Ainscough Crane Hire Limited (“Ainscough”) is delighted to confirm that it has bought 11 mobile cranes from Select Plant Hire Company Limited (“Select”). Select has concluded the consultation with the relevant employees who will transfer to Ainscough on the 30th of November 2016.

The 11 Liebherr mobile cranes range from 45Te to 200Te in size. Ainscough and Select look forward to continuing their successful working partnership; Ainscough would like to welcome the former Select employees to the team.

Ainscough Crane Hire Successfully Dismantle Tower Crane In London

The UK’s market leading national lifting solutions company, Ainscough Crane Hire, has successfully dismantled a tower crane in Westminster, central London for Select Plant Hire.

Heavy cranes technical manager Bob Beardmore and operations manager Peter Mills oversaw the operation that used a 500 tonne Liebherr LTM 1500-8.1 crane with an 84.0m guyed main boom to complete the multiple lifts to dismantle the 72.0m high crane. In addition, three ballast wagons and five support vehicles to perform the lift were used.

Originally assembled to service the construction of a new 275-unit residential development, the tower crane was then partially obscured by the new building creating a challenging situation to perform the required lifts.

Accustomed to dealing with complex situations and producing solutions, Bob explains: “The job was incredibly challenging as the operational margins were very tight. The close proximity of the surrounding buildings meant another obstacle we faced was to remove all the tower crane sections between two buildings. The crane’s back mast was millimetres away from clashing with the building behind us, however, due to meticulous planning in the drawing office; we were able to carry out all the lifts safely.

“In addition another obstacle to contend with was that the hotel (opposite the site) remained open throughout our series of lifts, meaning we could only close half of the road and were forced to position the crane above a water main.

“All these challenges in this busy residential area in the centre of London meant operating times prolonged our programme of works but our planning and persistence paid off and enabled us to deliver the lifts on time for our customer.”

Ainscough Crane Hire Open New Depot In Ipswich

Ainscough Crane Hire, the leading national crane hire company, has added a new depot to its UK-wide network with the opening of a facility in Ipswich to better service customers across Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk.

The Ipswich base, which opened on 7 November 2016, became the 32nd depot in the company’s network which stretches from Invergordon in northern Scotland to Newquay in Cornwall, the largest such network in the country.

Based just off the A12, on Old London Road, near Copdock, the Ipswich depot will open with six cranes initially with a view to growing the number in the first year. Ainscough is already servicing a number of customers in the region including those in oil and gas, energy and ports sectors.

The new depot will enable Ainscough Crane Hire to deliver an even better service to existing, and new customers.

Anna Kingan, operations director for the South East explains: “The new depot in Ipswich has been planned for some time as we have found ourselves delivering more and more work in the region. We have managed these demands from our existing depot network, including from our Cambridge and East London depots, but is has become apparent that we needed a permanent base here in Ipswich.

“The new depot will reduce travel times for our cranes meaning our customers will benefit from us being able to prolong the time we can operate on their sites expanding our serviceable area deeper into Suffolk and Norfolk.

“The cranes which will be based at the new depot, are drawn from the existing fleet, as this expansion has been factored in to vehicle requirements for some time.

“There is significant demand for our expertise in the region from customers which see the professionalism of their own operations reflected in our procedures. The opening marks a key milestone in the company’s growth strategy and we look forward to being a part of the local business community for a long time.”

The depot will launch with cranes ranging from 40 to 100-tonnes and will include a specialist MPC-44 lightweight crane which is specifically designed for use in areas with restricted access which is of particular value to residential developers.

Ainscough Crane Hire Complete Works For Bridge Link

Photographs published in the Dundee Courier have captured the moment two parts of the Queensferry Crossing were joined for the first time.

The image shows the unit linking the central and northern sections of the bridge almost reaching its final position.

Transport for Scotland’s Queensferry Crossing is being built by main contractor FCBC (Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors), a joint venture comprising Morrison Construction, HOCHTIEF, American Bridge and Dragados.

The new bridge is due to open in 2017 and forms the centrepiece of a major £1.3 billion upgrade to the important cross-Forth transport corridor in the east of Scotland.

Ainscough’s crane fleet have operated on site from the early stages of its construction.

Ainscough Crane Hire Assist In Complex Contract Boat Lift

Ainscough Crane Hire’s Exeter Depot has completed a complex contract lift for Exeter Fabrications at Gabriel’s Wharf in Exeter. Ainscough lifted a bespoke landing craft, named ‘Lady Dee’, into the water for launching before being delivered to their client, Loch Duart, a sustainable salmon farming company based in Scotland.

Exeter Fabrications are based in Devon and are specialist aluminium and steel boat builders. The company manufacture a wide range of vessels into European markets.

The job was successfully completed using a 350 tonne Terex AC 350/6 all-terrain crane, set up on super lift configuration.

Ainscough had to use a number of different beams, wires, slings and shackles to lift the 19 metre, 52 tonne landing craft safely and securely into the water.

Working alongside two crane operators and a lift supervisor throughout the lift, Exeter depot manager Ryan Dobson said: “The lift went very well, the craft was very large so we had to use a substantial crane. Everything was completed safely and the customer was delighted.

“We were able to call on the 350 tonne crane from the neighbouring Cardiff depot, meaning we were able to complete the lift without the need for a second unit. Due to the size and weight of the craft, planning was vital; it was a delicate operation which was delivered seamlessly.”

Exeter Fabrication’s managing director, Brian Pogson added: “Ainscough did another brilliant job for us with this lift, their employees are professional and always cover all bases.

“I’d recommend the firm to anyone that wants 100% effort and quality work. The boat is brand new, so I wanted to feel confident that the job would be done properly, and with Ainscough I felt just that.”

Ainscough Crane Hire Overcome Obstacles In Army Centre Lift

The UK’s leading lifting solutions company, Ainscough Crane Hire, has completed a series of difficult lifts at an Army Reserves Training Centre in the village of Crickhowell, Wales, on behalf of modular building supplier, Wernick Construction Ltd.

Using a 100 tonne Liebherr LTM 1095-5.1 crane, the Ainscough team assembled six 8-tonne modular units which are to be used as a supply facility for the reserves.

The Army Reserves Training Centre is home to the 203 Field Hospital whose members have been deployed on a number of military operations including the Gulf War, Iraq and most recently in Afghanistan.

The challenging lift was complicated by a line of tall trees and the adjacent accommodation building which restricted the options available to the team.

Tim Wilson, Cardiff depot’s area sales manager said: “We were contacted by the customer as they were having difficulty planning the positioning of the modular units. We gauged our options and suggested an alternative lift site which would work.

“The original plan was to position the units directly in front of the main building. There was no access there owing to the trees. The only viable option was to re-position them at the side of the building. There was enough space and we were able to carefully and safely position the units there.

“The customer was very pleased with our efforts and gave us glowing feedback. As is often the case, having the experience to understand what can be achieved and designing the lift in advance, is the best way to deliver for customers.”

Projects Manager at Wernick, Ben Hitchcock, added: “I received a personal recommendation to use Ainscough and had witnessed first-hand their professional approach.

“I regularly do crane lifts but to Ainscough, it’s an everyday experience which is very reassuring. To have someone of Tim Wilson’s expertise and experience really helped. He shared his ideas and assured me that the lift would be problem free.

“Ainscough’s cranes are always immaculately presented and are a sight to behold. We loved seeing an Ainscough crane on site and they really did do a brilliant job for us.”

Ainscough Crane Hire Erects Tower Crane In London’s Wood Wharf District

Market leading national lifting solutions company, Ainscough Crane Hire, has successfully erected a WK 355B tower crane in London’s Wood Wharf district, over a four day operation.

Ainscough sent a Liebherr LTM 1500-8.1, fitted with a 63.0m luffing jib, to install sections of the 63-metre standing tall tower crane’s steel frame, piece-by-piece. A second crane was sent to assist the installation from the 470-strong fleet, a Liebherr LTM 1060-3.1. The 60-tonne crane rigged up the 500 tonne crane in front of One Canada Square; the second tallest building in the UK.

Bob Beardmore, technical manager at Ainscough Crane Hire, explained the requirements of the job: “We conducted an initial site survey and were able to produce CAD drawings from that to ensure the crane was positioned correctly and that potential health and safety hazards were factored in.

“Access to the site was via a 1.7-degree gradient and posed a challenge in its self. In addition, an exclusion zone had to be maintained throughout the whole operation for safety reasons that required careful management, due to multiple contractors working on site.

“We’re always conscious that we operate safely and that our reputation, and the reputation of our customers hinges on how we conduct ourselves. This successful job was completed in front of the watchful gaze of London’s business community and is a testament to the experience and skill of our people, along with the first class machinery we have to utilise at Ainscough.

Ainscough Crane Hire Play Part In New M6 Motorway Link

Under construction since January 2014, the Bay Gateway, from Heysham to the M6 motorway link has opened, thanks in part to extensive work from Ainscough Crane Hire’s Preston Depot.

First proposed in 1948, the three-mile Bay Gateway connects Heysham’s village port and power stations to the M6 at junction 34. It cost £140 million to construct. Alongside the re-modelled dual-carriageway, a park-and-ride site for 650 cars and a bridge over the River Lune at Lune West has also opened.

Ainscough supplied up to six cranes a day to meet the construction demands of the road and were contracted to reinforced concrete specialists, R Betts Construction Ltd. Throughout the two-year period, Ainscough completed lifts on the River Lune bridge, assisting in laying the deck for the main bridge, lifts on surround bridges and installing a gantry across the motorway.

The lifting requirements on this project saw cranes being supplied from 40 to 500 tonnes, with the most frequently used being the Liebherr LTM 1055-3.2, a 55 tonne all-terrain crane. Ainscough’s involvement in the Bay Gateway was crucial as Preston depot manager Alan Dakin explained: “The job was very complex, we were on the site non-stop and had up to six cranes on site every day.

“The job and the lifts proved to be testing due to the size of the project, however with 470 cranes in our fleet, we were able to meet their demands. As the works unfolded, we built a great rapport with the customer.

“We were on call 24/7 and worked through the night and at weekends on more than one occasion, ensuring the job was a success and the road was able to be opened on time.”

Stephen Halliwell, director at R Betts Construction added: “We have a long-standing relationship with Ainscough Crane Hire and they deliver for us time and again. They are a trusted partner of ours and gave their customary professional and diligent service to us on the Heysham Gateway project.”

Heysham Port is the third largest in the North West and is developing as a hub for services to Southern and Northern Ireland.

Ainscough Crane Hire Complete Challenging Project At Skelmersdale School

Ainscough Crane Hire’s Preston Depot has completed a challenging project, lifting a specialist cabin into the grounds of Delph Side Community School in Skelmersdale, West Lancashire.

The closure of a neighbouring school enabled Delph Side Community School to secure the 64-square metre portable classroom, which weighed 4.5 tonnes.

Ainscough used a 40-tonne crane, a Liebherr LTM 1040-2:1 with VarioBase®, to manoeuvre the portable classroom along narrow passageways in order to position into the desired location.

Delph Side Community School caters for children aged three to 11 and teaches approximately 190 pupils and has a nursery.

Ainscough’s contract lift manager, Alex Schwarzer, said; “When we arrived on site, we were informed that another contractor had told the school the lift couldn’t be done. We had a detailed discussion about what they wanted and set about planning the lift.

“The lift was really awkward due to the configuration of the school buildings. The toughest part of the job was the space restrictions. The site where the cabin originally stood was difficult to reach. The crane was able to access it, but our transport couldn’t, as access to the site was too narrow.

“Our solution was to use a crane fitted with VarioBase® technology. The lift couldn’t have been completed without the flexibility these cranes in our fleet offer.”

Cranes fitted with VarioBase® technology allow for the stabilising outriggers to be set at different widths which enable the crane to operate in a wider range of situations.

Delph Side Community School’s business manager, Jo Whitfield, described the lift as a resounding success. She said: “I was delighted with the job that Ainscough carried out. We chose them as they are a very familiar name and have a great reputation.

“The children made the team a thank you card, which was a very sweet touch. It was a testament to Ainscough that everything was carried out safely and now the children can’t wait to use the new classroom.”

Photo from left to right: Steve Walmsley – slinger, Garon Clarke – lift supervisor and Dougie Smith, crane operator.

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