Ainscough Crane Hire’s Picture Of The Year 2016

We have published many pictures of our cranes working from a number of sites this year. However, none more striking than this image of a Liebherr LTM 1055-3.2, 55 tonne all-terrain crane being lifted on to the new Queensferry Crossing Bridge which spans the Firth of Forth in Eastern Scotland.

The new 1.7 mile long bridge is due to open in 2017 and forms the centrepiece of a major £1.3 billion upgrade to the important cross-Forth transport corridor in the east of Scotland. It is being built by FCBC (Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors).

In the background of the photograph you can clearly see the existing Forth Road Bridge and the unmistakable outline of the world famous Forth Bridge through the mist of a Scottish winter morning, which has been operational since 1890.

Ainscough Heavy Crane Hire Help Get A1 On The Move

Ainscough Crane Hire’s heavy cranes division has helped to complete a major upgrade to the A1 in North Yorkshire which has seen Cleveland Bridge UK (CBUK) Ltd manufactured and installed eight new bridges for Highways England’s principal contractor on the A1 scheme, a joint venture between Carillion and Morgan Sindall.

Built with British made steel, the eight bridges form part of the project to upgrade a 12 mile section of dual-carriageway to a three-lane motorway easing congestion on the vital road link to the north east. The upgrade will create a 300 mile motorway-standard route between London and Newcastle for the very first time.

The final step in the 20 month project was the installation of the 53 metre long Fort Overbridge close to the town of Catterick.

Using a Liebherr LTM 1500-8.1, 500 tonne all-terrain crane with a 75 tonne counterweight and a 42.1 metre guyed main boom, the bridge was installed by Ainscough in two sections during a scheduled overnight closure of the highway.

Heavy cranes – operational director, Andrew Winter, said: “As with any road or rail possession, the window to deliver the lift was finite and we had to ensure that we had completed the lifts and were off site at the scheduled time.

“This is only ever achieved through detailed and robust planning matched with the skill and competence of the operations team. Once again, we delivered for our customer and played a part in the delivery of this vital project for the region.”

Chris Droogan, Managing Director of Cleveland Bridge UK Ltd, said: “The widening of the A1 in North Yorkshire is an essential part of improving the transport infrastructure of the North and we are very pleased to have played a key part in its delivery.

“This was a highly time-focused project involving the production and installation of around 1,600 tonnes of steel. Working closely with our client we have efficiently completed the delivery of the bridges, which is a significant milestone in this major civil engineering project.”

CBUK fabricated and provided protective treatments to the steel work for the bridges allowing the newly widened A1 in North Yorkshire to span over existing roads and rivers or carry existing access roads over the new highway.

Ainscough’s Heavy Cranes Division is administratively based in Preston but is a national resource available for hire throughout the company’s entire depot network. Ainscough worked to sub-contractor MJ Hughes on this project.


Ainscough Crane Hire’s Heavy Cranes Division have successfully completed a contract lift for building and civil engineering company McLaughlin & Harvey, installing a new footbridge over the Water of Leith in the shadow of Murrayfield stadium in Edinburgh.

The Baird footbridge forms part of the £13 million, one km long flood defence programme, at the Water of Leith in the Scottish capital. The defences include new structural walls, embankments, flood gates, pumping stations and drainage systems.

Other works include upgrades to landscaping and reinstatement of footpaths along the waterway that stretches from the town of Balerno, eight miles south-west of the city, to Leith on the Firth of Forth.

The bridge was constructed from a series of 17 meter long, pre-cast concrete beams and form a six meter wide footbridge across the river. The beams reach from each bank to a central pier to form the continuous walkway.

Access to the site for the Liebherr LTM 1500-8.1 was restricted and meant that the crane had to be reversed along a narrow 300 meter long residential street to reach the lift pad. Further slewing restrictions were also in operation due to the proximity of local houses.

Contract lift manager, Russell Staward said: “The real challenge here was contending with where to position the crane. Reversing the crane along the residential street was a challenge but the skill of our operators came to the fore and we were able to position the crane exactly where it was required.

“Thanks to the skill and commitment of the team on the ground, we were able to deliver once again for our customer.”

Jason Wylie, site engineer at McLaughlin & Harvey added: “From the very first stages of planning through to the lifts being delivered, the Ainscough team have been very professional and have provided first class service to us.”

Ainscough Crane Hire Acquire A New Executive Team Member

Ainscough Crane Hire is delighted to announce that Andrew Winter has been appointed to the position of Operations Director – Heavy Cranes reporting to Chief Executive Officer – Janet Entwistle.

Janet said: “Andrew has a wealth of experience in the wider crane industry and is a welcome addition to the Executive team at Ainscough Crane Hire”.

Andrew has been in the crane industry all his working life and returned to Ainscough in June 2012 and is a well-respected and trusted leader in the crane hire industry.

Ainscough Crane Hire Complete Lift At Hospital In Northamptonshire

Market leading national lifting solutions company, Ainscough Crane Hire, have completed a contract lift at Kettering General Hospital in Northamptonshire.

Ainscough used a Liebherr LTM 1500 – 8.1, from the company’s Heavy Cranes Division to carry out a series of lifts over a one day operation.

The work included manoeuvring a 25 tonne server, a portable generator and a number of air conditioning units into position for use in the new data centre which will securely store all of the hospitals electronic records.

Operating around a busy live hospital the job had to be carried out with minimal disruption to staff and patients.

Special consideration had to be given to the placement of the crane which was set up in an adjacent car park. Space was limited with greenery next to the new unit, so the team was very careful to ensure no damage was done.

The team began work in the early hours of the morning and successfully completed proceedings within five hours and ahead of schedule.

The work is the latest in a series of lifts that Ainscough has carried out at the hospital on Rothwell Road having previously been called in to assist with the expansion of the A&E department earlier in the year.

Tim Carter, managing the operation on behalf of Global Complete Solutions, said: “Everything went according to plan and I’d like to thank Ainscough for yet another job well done.”

Phillip Cook, depot manager at Ainscough’s Coventry Depot added: “Lifts in blue light environments come with their own special set of challenges. We knew that we needed to complete the job safely, quickly and without impacting the day-to-day operating of the hospital.

“The operation was a resounding success and the positive feedback we have received is testament to the skill and experience of the Ainscough operators involved.”

Ainscough Crane Hire Wish You A Merry Christmas

We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at Ainscough.


Ainscough Crane Hire has helped bring festive cheer to shoppers and visitors in Felixstowe town centre with the installation of a 32-foot tall Christmas tree.

Working for Felixstowe Council and a voluntary service organisation, the Lions Club the Ainscough team installed the tree prior to it being decorated and switched on as part of the town’s Christmas celebrations.

Using a 40 tonne Liebherr LTM 1040-2.1, all-terrain crane from the recently opened Ipswich Depot, the team delivered the lift of the tree which was installed in the town centre.

Crane operator, David Biedul, performed the lift for the 10th consecutive year running and was assisted this year by depot supervisor, Lee Garrett.

Lee explained: “Dave’s father-in-law works for the Lions Club which is instrumental in the town’s Christmas celebrations. They asked if he could assist and we were naturally eager to help out with it again.

“Once the tree goes up, you know that Christmas has truly arrived and we are sure that it will bring a lot of pleasure to visitors to the town this festive season.”

Ainscough Crane Hire Provide A Series Of Lifts In Aberdeen City Centre

Ainscough has provided a series of lifts at the £107 million Marischal Square development in Aberdeen City Centre for main contractor, Morgan Sindall.

The prestigious project has already had leading businesses sign up and is on schedule for completion in July 2017. The development includes 14,500 sq ft of civic space in front of 16th century Provost Skene’s House, a mixture of granite and glass in the elevations, two office buildings providing 173,500 sq ft of Grade A office space with secure parking, seven restaurants and café bars occupying the ground floor space, and a 126-room hotel.

The project is being delivered by Muse Developments, which was appointed by site landowner Aberdeen City Council with Aviva Investors providing the funding. The development will deliver an economic boost to the immediate area from enhanced footfall and more people working and using leisure facilities. It is also part of the 25-year city centre master plan which is kick-starting a public and private sector regeneration.

Two mobile tower cranes from the Ainscough fleet – a Spierings SK 1265 AT6, configured with a 52m main boom, and a Liebherr MK110 configured with a 44m main boom were on site lifting building materials such as steel, glass and insulation along with the development’s air handling units.

Richard Gallicker, contract lift manager at Ainscough’s Aberdeen depot, which operates under the name of sister brand, James Jack said: “Marischal Square is a constrained site surrounded on all sides by highways and other buildings. There was simply not adequate room to perform the lifts using a traditional telescopic crane.

“Fortunately, we have the flexibility and availability in our fleet to move the right cranes to the right locations at short notice. The two mobile tower cranes were just the right tools for the job and we were able to complete the lifts smoothly and with maximum efficiency.”

Morgan Sindall’s project director, David Mason, added: “We employed Ainscough under CPA arrangements on the project and welcomed their support. They have a very strong reputation for safety and professionalism. I have worked with them many times in the past and know they can be trusted to deliver.”

The Ainscough team delivered lifts over a two week period as the development approached its topping out.

Ainscough Wind Energy Services Assemble Wind Turbines On Shetland Islands

A team from Ainscough Wind Energy Services are busy completing the assembly of a five-turbine wind farm array close to the village of Garth on the Shetland Islands.

Working for German wind turbine manufacturer, Enercon, and alongside teams from SSC Baltic Wind and Wind Energy Services Eastern Europe, the Ainscough team were scheduled to be on site for ten weeks to assemble the turbines.

Now, just four weeks into the contract, four of the turbines are assembled and ready for commissioning and work has just started on the fifth and final turbine.

The aim is to have the final turbine assembled in the next seven days which would see Ainscough’s role in the project completed four weeks ahead of schedule.

Each E44 model turbine is capable of producing 900 kW of power, has a hub height of 44 metres and a blade diameter of 44 metres.

Tom Elliot, lift supervisor for Ainscough Wind Energy Services, explained the many challenges he and the team had faced and how they overcame them, he said: “Due to the remoteness of the location, all the teams need to show great cohesion in order for the project to run safely and smoothly. Transport is a key consideration as moving the cranes from one turbine to the next requires at least 24 hours’ notice.

“On a job like this one we need to create a solid plan and stick to it whilst maintaining some flexibility to our operations. So far, this approach has proven to be hugely successful and all parties involved are looking forward to the completion of all crane works in the next week or so.”

Ken Downie from Enercon added: “The Ainscough team have worked seamlessly with the other contractors on site and have really helped us push the project along. We are all very pleased to have reached this point in the schedule weeks before we were expecting to.”

Ainscough Wind Energy Services is operating with two cranes on site, a Liebherr LTM 1200-5.1 200-tonne all-terrain crane, operated by Rob Mckerchar and an LTM 1150-6.1 150-tonne all-terrain crane, operated by Paul Martin.

The wind farm will now go through a period of connecting, testing and commissioning before the green energy it generates is fed into the national grid.

Ainscough Crane Hire Complete Complex Lift In Leeds

Ainscough Crane Hire’s Leeds depot has completed an intricate series of lifts for utilities contractor, Nomenca, at the Headingley water treatment works in Leeds. The work involved the removal and re-fit of a roof and the extraction of two hydrated lime storage silos and their replacement with two lime batching tanks.

The task facing Ainscough was to remove and replace two water storage silos which were housed inside a 15.5 metre tall building. In order to provide the necessary access and space, a section of the building’s roof covering and a number of supporting roof purlins, first had to be removed.

Using a Liebherr LTM 1055-3.2 55 tonne all-terrain crane to lift a man-basket, the contractor was able to access the roof and its purlins. Once removed, the roof section was lifted off and set aside to provide the required clearance to remove the silos.

With access arranged, the two existing 7.75 tonne silos which were 10 metres tall and 4.3 metres wide, were each, individually lifted vertically out of the building using a Liebherr LTM 1100-5.2 100 tonne all-terrain crane configured on full-rig.

With the silo carefully lowered to the ground in the vertical position, a tail line from the 55 tonne crane working on half rig to allow the transport to get into site, was attached to turn the silo through 90 degrees, resting it horizontally on the ground.

The 100 tonne crane was then re-slung to lift the silo horizontally onto the waiting loader for removal from the site. The process was repeated for both silos.

With little room for manoeuvre and a deadline to work to, Ainscough then lifted the replacement silos into the building using the same crane configuration as for the extraction following the same process but in reverse. The team then reinstalled the purlins followed by the roof section for its re-fixing ensuring a weather proof seal.

The job’s complexity required the input of no fewer than 45 separate lift operations to complete the lifts efficiently and safely.

With two drivers, a supervisor and a slinger in attendance, Ainscough were able to complete the lifts in a swift and safe manner, as contract lift manager, Stuart Vintin, explained.

He said: “Topping and tailing any load is always a complicated procedure that requires extra care, particularly in such a tight area but it’s something that we do day in day out.

“The lift involved a number of hazards, as we had to avoid drainage. One of the cranes was also half rigged due to the lack of room, and because of this planning was crucial. Our team worked well together and the job was completed successfully.”

Ainscough Crane Hire's Picture Of The Year 2016 - Ainscough Crane Hire