Armed Forces Day, the annual celebration of the services community which takes place every year on the final Saturday in June, will this year gravitate around a national event in Liverpool city centre. Over 300 smaller events will take place around the country.

Ainscough Crane Hire supports the objectives of Armed Forces Day (June 24) and recognises the contribution service men and women along with their families, make to the country.

Ainscough has a special relationship with former members of the armed services, employing over 300 former service personnel in a variety of roles around the business.

QHSE Coordinator, Chris Swain, is one such example. Having served 28 years in the Royal Air Force, in a variety of intelligence and training roles, Chris decided to make the move to ‘civvy street’ when he narrowly missed the birth of his first grandson owing to being on tour in the Falkland Islands.

“My forces career had taken me around the world but I decided it was time for a change. I’d seen action in Iraq and Afghanistan and also been to many other places I would never have really visited.

“My forces career has shaped my life in many ways. Not least while stationed in Ukraine for five years, where I met my now wife Lesia. Our son has now served for 6 years in the British Army and, as he holds dual nationality, has become the first Ukrainian national to serve in the British army.

“The transition to the commercial world has been reasonably easy for me. There are a number of us here at Ainscough and I see many similarities in terms of personality which we share. Having a sense of humour and a ‘can do’ attitude are really important here and in the forces.

“If I were to speak to somebody who was perhaps a bit apprehensive about making the move into the commercial world, I’d advise them to just be themselves and to stress the qualities and experience that being in the armed forces has equipped them with: loyalty, punctuality, dedication, reliability. These are all really important facets of being successful out of uniform too.

“Values like punctuality and attention to detail and personal appearance become second nature in the forces and carrying them over into the civilian world is an easy thing to do.

“Armed Forces Day is a really encouraging thing for the country to be involved with and I support it wholeheartedly.”

Ainscough works with the British Forces Resettlement Service to match suitable candidates to positions within the company.

For further information about Armed Forces Day 2017, please visit


A team from Ainscough’s Heavy Crane Division has delivered a 500 tonne crane to construct a new motorway bridge in Surrey.

The Woodlands Lane Overbridge beam lift in Windlesham, was delivered for Briton Fabrications Ltd and included the installation of 12 sets of braced paired bridge girders.

The bridge, which sits across the M3 motorway around two miles east of junction three, was delivered in one weekend to minimise disruption to traffic flow.

Using two Liebherr LTM 1500-8.1, 500 tonne telescopic cranes and operating under CPA hire arrangements, the team delivered each carriageway one at a time due to the range of the bridge. Each crane was setup at different stages in each carriageway and the first crane acted as a ‘back up’ crane until the other commenced working.

The stand-alone bridge installation was part of a wider bridge re-construction project and was delivered safely and within the allocated road closure possession times.

Briton Fabricators Ltd are specialists in the design, build and installation of bridges and gantries. Able to supply nationwide, Britons have experience in motorway sign gantries, road and rail bridges, pedestrian bridges and bespoke bridges.

Carl Powell, operations director at Briton Fabrications Ltd, said: “We can’t praise the staff at Ainscough enough for completing this technically challenging lift safely and on schedule.

“The team worked through the night and used a secondary crane in order to ensure the closure of the motorway and disruption to traffic was minimal.”

Detailed planning went into each lift as there were varying weights at a selection of different radii. The most complex lift was a girder pair weighing 22.29te plus hook block and tackle at an installation radius of 40.0m, crane SWL = 29.7te. The rig used was a 165.0te Counterweights / 57.7m Guyed Main Boom.