A team from Ainscough’s Heavy Crane Division has completed a project to lift an eight tonne generator for Swinton Group.
The lift took place on the roof of 101 Embankment, at Greengate, in Manchester city centre and saw the team use a 500 tonne Liebherr LTM 1500 to lift the back-up generator into place.

The job was completed for Swinton Group, the UK’s largest high street broker, who recently moved headquarters to 101 Embankment on Cathedral Approach. The new generator will provide back-up energy for the insurance company in the event of a power outage.

The 15 minute lift took place during the night, once the pedestrian area had been cleared and local shops had closed. In total the project took four days to complete, with the rigging of the crane taking 10 hours to deliver due to 14 metres of luffer.

The team from Ainscough included two crane operators, two slinger signallers and a lift supervisor. The lift was delivered in a very narrow area near to a Network Rail bridge and Network Rail approved the job during planning stages.

The team used three cranes to complete the job including two 90 tonne cranes for rigging and de-rigging. The pedestrian footpath, where the cranes were positioned, was newly laid therefore foam and steel matting was used to protect the ground underneath.

Steve Goodwin, project and building surveying manager at Swinton Group, said: “We would like to commend to the team at Ainscough for their impressive service and professionalism on this project.

“This success of this job is a testament to detailed planning, high-spec machinery and technical operators all working in harmony.”

Jobs like this one can be challenging but our highly-skilled team were able to ensure the lift was delivered safely and on schedule.

“Preserving areas we work in is important to us. We made sure we used specialist matting to ensure the newly laid pedestrian pathway was protected during the lift. This job brought out the best in our team and it was great to receive such positive feedback from Swinton Group at the end of the job.”


A combined team from Ainscough’s Heavy Cranes Division and Immingham depot, has completed a succession of lifts to assemble a leading-edge energy from waste plant in Humberside.

The Energy Works facility in Hull, is a leading gasification plant, using a combination of innovative renewable energy technologies to achieve resource and energy recovery from domestic and commercial waste.

The fluidised bed gasification plant, being constructed by M+W Group, a leading technology, engineering and construction company, will convert the waste materials into a synthesised gas which will then be used to generate electricity using a steam turbine engine.

The Ainscough team spent two weeks on site completing around a dozen separate lifts including lifting the main components of the plant into position. These included economisers, heat exchangers and the main boiler.

The components which varied from 67-tonne to 209-tonne, were lifted using a range of cranes from the Ainscough fleet including a Liebherr LTM1500-8.1 and LG1550. The size of the modules required the loads to be tailed – connected to a second crane at the opposite end to the main lifting crane – to enable them to be safely lifted into position.

The facility will produce sufficient electricity to power 43,000 homes; create 160 jobs during construction and 25 jobs once operational; regenerate a brownfield site; enable other businesses to reduce their carbon footprint; and provide cheap power and heating to local companies.

Sam Pitt, project engineer from Ainscough’s Heavy Cranes Division, said: “Working on projects such as the Energy Works, always brings with it the added responsibility of having a large number of other contractors relying on us to do our job and to complete it professionally and without fuss.

“To do this we need a good location, good planning and to be able to call on the right machinery and the right operatives. It was very pleasing for us to see all of these elements come together and the lifts pass off successfully.”

BBC Video – New A50 dual carriageway bridge built in a weekend

Time lapse footage shows how a bridge was lowered into place over the A50 in Staffordshire in two days.

Six steel beams, each weighing approximately 45 tonnes, were lifted into place by a 750-tonne crane as part of a new bridge over the A50 carriageway at Uttoxeter.

Staffordshire County Council said the work was an important part of the county’s development.

View the video here


Ainscough Crane Hire has once again hitting the right notes for some of the world’s biggest music acts with their work for leading event staging company Stageco on a series of major UK music concerts.

Acts Ainscough are involved with include: ELO, Robbie Williams, Take That, U2, Coldplay, Guns N’ Roses and Depeche Mode.

Working across the country in a range of event stadia – including the London Stadium, Twickenham and the Principality Stadium in Cardiff – the contract lifts have been managed by a team led by Mary Duffy from Ainscough’s London Hire Centre Depot.

Using the same size cranes, 55-tonne and 40-tonne at each venue, the operators spend two days assembling and one day de-rigging the staging, lighting and associated AV equipment.

Mary explains some of the challenges she and the operators face working on the projects. She said: “Each stage configuration and each stadium is different so we have to be aware of the new surroundings every time. We did have a situation where the positioning of the stage meant the crane booms were too close to the roof line for us to lift. This meant we had to arrange with the client to reconfigure the stage.

“The real challenge is organising everything to happen at the right time and dovetailing with the myriad of other contractors who work behind the scenes to make sure the show is on.

“This is the fifth successive year we’ve partnered with Stageco and in this time, we have mastered the processes and made them as efficient as possible.”

Other venues Ainscough is working at for the company include: Carrow Road, Norwich; Ricoh Arena, Coventry; Murrayfield, Edinburgh; Wembley Stadium, London; St Mary’s, Southampton; Etihad Stadium, Manchester; London Stadium, London; Principality Stadium, Cardiff and Liberty Stadium, Swansea.


Ainscough Crane Hire’s Heavy Cranes Division has installed a footbridge connecting the northern and southern banks of the River Great Ouse in Bedford.

The 55 metre single-span bridge was designed, manufactured and installed by specialist designer, CTS Bridges based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Linking a £50 million residential and leisure development on the northern bank and a tranquil landscaped area and riverside footpath to the south, the white tubular steel bridge provides the first pedestrian only crossing of the river in the town.

Using a Liebherr LTM1750-9.1, the Ainscough team were on site for three days first positioning the bridge’s piers before undertaking the main lift of the single-span bridge. The distance from the lift pad to the opposite bank required the crane to be configured with a 59.5 metre fly jib and 204 tonne counterweight.

Andrew Winter, Operations Director said: “The defining element of this lift was the distance between the river banks. The lift pad was set back from the bank by 5 – 10 metres and we were working in close proximity to the town’s Magistrate Court complex and a live construction site.

“We delivered the lift for the customer exactly as planned and we were very pleased with how it turned out.”

Photo : Lee Elliott Photography