Ainscough finds the right formula in Hull

Ainscough Crane Hire’s Heavy Cranes Division has completed work at the Reckitt Benckiser Centre for Scientific Excellence in Hull as part of ‘Project Wren’, a scheme to expand a suite in the research centre’s new laboratory.

The new £105m Centre for Scientific Excellence is a key development for the UK healthcare sector.

The team used a LTM 1750.0.1 crane to successfully lift a new ‘plant room’ weighting 20-tonnes 65 metres onto the roof of the building.

 Overall there have been around 20 lifts on the site involving a variety of modular plant rooms, switch rooms and switch panels. This has involved several weeks of logistics planning, including the re-routing of traffic, all without any unplanned changes for the Reckitt Benckiser Centre.

 Igor Scalas, project engineer for the Heavy Cranes Division said: “Due to the ground conditions onsite this lift required heavy duty mats, with the team ensuring throughout that we maintained the high safety standard we uphold on every job.

“This was a lift where I was truly proud of everyone, and it was our team working at its best. We always aim to make the experience of working with us as straight-forward as possible for our customers, and it was great to receive a note of thanks from the client after the work was completed.”


Ainscough sets the stage for UK summer concerts

Ainscough Crane Hire is on song again this summer as it prepares the stages of major outdoor concerts across the UK for some of the globe’s biggest music artists with leading event staging company EMO Ltd.

This year, the acts set to take to the stages include: Ed Sheeran, The Rolling Stones, Beyoncé and Jay Z, Eminem, The Foo Fighters and Billy Joel.

Set in a number of top event stadia up and down the country, the full contract lifts are taking place at venues including Ricoh Arena, Coventry; Murrayfield, Edinburgh; Wembley Stadium, London; St Mary’s, Southampton; Etihad Stadium, Manchester; London Stadium, London; Principality Stadium, Cardiff and Liberty Stadium, Swansea.

Using 55-tonne and 40-tonne cranes at each venue, the operators spend two days building the stage, including all lighting and associated AV equipment. It then takes three cranes to dismantle the equipment over the course of one day.

Andrew Weston, account manager at Ainscough said: “The summer is a busy time for concerts and outdoors festivals throughout the UK and it’s great to play such an important role by building the stage for these artists.

“Every venue and stage setup is different and our teams work closely with the client to coordinate and deliver the best service possible within the given timeframes.”

Steve Hill at EMO Ltd said: “The cranes are essential for the stage builds at this type of event and it would be impossible to put them up and take them down so quickly without them.

“As we work to tight timescales with a high number of events in the pipeline, the cranes help us to make sure the builds are quick and efficient.

“We’ve previously worked with Ainscough on a number of similar projects and were very happy with the service so it was the only supplier that we thought of for this summer’s jobs and we’re very pleased to be working with the company again.”


The Ainscough Manchester depot has carried out vital work around the dismantling of the giant electricity pylons that stretch across Salford in Manchester, where they have been powering 88,000 homes for over 85 years.

The 87ft towers were dissembled bolt by bolt, with the galvanised metal then heading off to become scrap. Once dismantled the Ainscough team helped to lift each section of the new pylons into place using a number of different cranes, including a 95t, 90t, and two 75t models. Each tower took up to three days to change, so the team had to stagger the work.

Unusual due to their location amongst residential areas, the original seven pylons within the scheme carried 132,000 volts and stretched over two and a half miles, but have now been taken down under a £3.5m engineering project.

Gary Rathburn, manager of the Manchester’s depot said: ‘Because of the nature of this project both timing and precision were essential.

“The biggest challenge for the team was operating in such close proximity to a busy residential area and having to lift sections of the pylons over people’s roofs. This meant it was all the more important to keep disruption to a minimum, ensuring residents didn’t lose their supply of electricity at any point over the eight weeks the work was taking place.

“The overall project was a real example of how detailed planning, professional operators and the right range of machinery can be combined to deliver for the client. I know I speak for the whole team when I say we’ve really enjoyed working on this project.”


Ainscough Crane Hire has completed a full contract lift of a 34 tonne emergency back-up generator unit for the client GMI Power Solutions.

The lift was part of a project at the Saint-Gobain’s Glass manufacturing facility in Eggborough, which manufactures flat glass for the construction industry, including float, coated and laminated glass products.

The 500 tonne LTM1500-8.1 loaded with 105 tonnes of counterweight lifted the generator and positioned it into place in a move that had to be completed within a specified time window of a few hours and within a relatively tight space.

Rob Steadman, Contract Lift Manager at Ainscough, who oversaw the whole job, said: “The lift presented many challenges one of which was the time frame in which we had to complete the job.

“Glass production at the facility is a 24 hours a day operation for which sand is the key ingredient. The crane was positioned in front of the hoppers supplying sand to the furnaces in the factory.

“The hoppers we filled with sand prior to the cranes arrival on site and were constantly monitored by the client. If the level of sand had dropped to a critical level we would have had a 40 minute window to get the crane moved.

The lift personnel on the day executed the lift in a swift, safe manner and without any issues.

The client got in touch afterwards to say “I was very impressed both with the organisation beforehand and particularly with all the people who attended site on the day. The helpful attitude in getting the job done and the attention to safety by all was first class”.

Ainscough finds the right formula in Hull - Ainscough Crane Hire