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3rd March 2022


Trainee crane operator Joe Blamey, based at Ainscough’s Bristol depot, has achieved his crane operator and LGV qualifications, just nine months after starting as a slinger.

When Joe, 27, joined the Bristol team back in May 2021, he originally had his sights set on an apprenticeship. Following his previous experience, such as working in Perth alongside a crane rigging crew, Joe became a trainee crane operator.

Achieving his LGV qualification allows Joe to drive cranes on the public highway, and the crane operator qualification allows him to operate them on construction sites. Joe will be a trainee until he’s completed all of his hours being shadowed, a process that allows him to become fully comfortable and competent in his role with the help of his experienced colleagues.

Joe’s already had a crane allocated to him for when he’s a fully-fledged crane operator – the LTM1040. Joe completed his crane operator training at Ainscough’s own Skills Academy which offers fully accredited training both internally and externally. Ainscough Crane Hire has taken its training and development to the next level by establishing a centre of excellence in Stockton.

Stemming from an interest in construction from a very young age, Joe found himself working across Australia and New Zealand, with vehicles such as tower cranes from the age of 22. Having tried his hand at a little bit of everything before returning to the UK, Joe is now looking to integrate himself into the heavy cranes division.

Touching on his favourite parts of the role so far, Joe said: “Working with such like-minded people who I can learn from every single day has been not only an amazing opportunity but also an absolute joy. To have the chance to work with such complex machinery alongside experienced professionals has been and continues to be an incredible experience which I’m very grateful for.”

Sarah Roberts, assistant depot manager in Bristol, said: “Working with Joe has been an absolute pleasure and we’re all very proud of his progress. It’s been a privilege to watch him grow and integrate with the team so naturally.
“Joe is a conscientious, mature, and friendly colleague, and we’ve no doubt that with these qualities he will go far in his career. The team and I are all very much looking forward to seeing where Joe’s journey takes him – as he’s most definitely one to watch!”

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