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Adrian Hanson – My Ainscough Story

As the UK’s leading supplier of lifting solutions, managing ongoing expansion and raising of revenues within Ainscough Crane Hire can be a complex business – therefore you need the very best in in the industry on board to make sure it’s done right. Overseeing this for us in Scotland is Business Development Manager, Adrian Hanson, who works closely across Ainscough depots to move the company to heights that rival our famous yellow cranes. This is his Ainscough story.

Adrian Hanson - My Ainscough Story

Having worked in management and construction for fifteen years now, I think the industry has a bit of an unfair reputation for traditionalism. As it happens, the landscape is constantly changing, adapting to new technologies and developing stronger networks in order to improve the service we offer. It’s like any management role – you’ve always got to be examining existing methods of business in order to see how you can continually improve.

I joined Ainscough in 2017 and its reputation was definitely as a company for doing exactly that. It’s the kind of place where you can’t afford to get complacent. We’re constantly pushing for innovative ways to improve – which adds a really exciting variety to the job.
I’d originally used Ainscough as a supplier for my old employer, which meant I’d had a pretty good insight into the way the business was run. I knew Ainscough would be an environment my skillset could thrive in, so when I found out my contact was leaving I seized the opportunity to join. Happily, I was able to take up the role and, although it may be a cliché, I haven’t looked back.

Scotland is a really exciting area to work in. Ainscough is enjoying a period of growth here right now and there are tons of opportunities for developing and improving business relationships. Business Development means keeping an eye on not just the industry side but everything about the area you’re working in – what the current state of the job market is, what investments are being made. A lot of our work in Scotland helps change communities for the better, and it’s really rewarding contributing to projects with such a high social value. You really come to know and love the community you’re working in and people you’re delivering for.

Ainscough is one of the largest companies I’ve worked for and a lot of our projects are important on a national scale. A great example is A9 Dualling Project for Transport Scotland, which is connecting Perth and Inverness.

It was a massive undertaking as we were the sole supplier upgrading over 80 miles of carriageway. That’s the kind of job where you want to have good people supporting you and I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the team I had at Ainscough. You’re working in the beautiful Scottish Highlands alongside really talented experts who, most importantly, care deeply about the quality of the work they produce.

There’s still a lot of movement up and down the country however, and I work in close tandem with the other business development managers to ensure we’re all moving forwards together. That being said, there’s still room for individual skills to be recognised. Each manager brings something new to the table and it can really boost your performance to take in what those around you are doing. You can bounce off ideas and feed back on what has or hasn’t been working. Whatever you do impacts those around you and there’s no competition – if someone is doing well in Bristol that could mean a potential contract in Aberdeen so it’s a really encouraging and positive atmosphere.

Ainscough Crane Hire has a really strong business culture surrounding development and positive assessment – one that’s pretty unique to the market. My role is really reflective of the company as a whole – always working to be best it can be.

It’s that kind of professional optimism that helps to keep both mine and the company’s futures a whole lot brighter.

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