Our Safety Culture

Make the safe choice

We created Make the Safe Choice using our team’s experience of delivering safe crane lifts over the last 40-plus years – it is our proven approach to a safe system of work, understanding potential dangers, identifying them and responding appropriately.

Key to its success is the collective responsibility of every single person on site, with every team member’s opinion valued just as much as the next, regardless of job title or hierarchy.

Our supportive workplace culture means all of our employees are encouraged to let us know how we can continually improve our processes, in order to further improve on our approach to safety.

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Make the safe choice

9 Life Saving Rules

  • Control Of Work
  • Personal Safety
  • Driving

Control Of Work

  • Control Of Work - Rule 1

    We always follow the safe system of work and check the workplace environment for hazards

  • Control Of Work - Rule 2

    We always verify isolation when carrying out maintenance and repair

  • Control Of Work - Rule 3

    We always follow the prescribed rigging and operating procedure for the crane and do not override or disarm safety devices

Personal Safety


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