Our unique combination of expertise and wide-ranging resources means we are often the first port of call for some of the country’s leading businesses and organisations across a number of sectors.

  • Infrastructure

    We are proud to have played a key role in supporting the UK’s civil infrastructure through the installation or removal of heavy and complex structures.

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  • Construction

    We are proud to have been a key partner to the construction industry for more than 40 years. Working across the public and private sectors, we have played an integral part in the creation, maintenance and update of signature buildings and projects throughout the country.

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  • Industrial

    Our expert Lifting Services team combines its experience with the latest technology to develop effective solutions for some of the UK’s most complex industrial lifts, in sectors such as manufacturing, defence and telecoms.

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  • Petrochemical, Oil & Gas

    Our unrivalled expertise in delivering lift solutions for refineries, petroleum, plastics, and the petrochemical industry means we are ideally positioned to help refinery and plant operators control costs while fulfilling their lifting requirements.

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  • Power Generation

    We have extensive experience across every aspect of how best to support the needs of conventional power stations, nuclear power stations, as well as onshore wind farms. We are proud to offer end-to-end lifting and transport solutions to optimise construction, maintain safety and increase outputs for the energy sector.

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  • Emergency Response

    Our Make the Safe Choice covers both our day-to-day operations and how we support the world around us. We have developed processes for incident recoveries that are designed to address the unique requirements of a variety of circumstances.

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