Crane specification guide 2022
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Crane Specification Guide 2022

If you’re looking for the latest crane specifications all in one guide, you’ve come to the right place. Ainscough Crane Hire has all the newest duties available to access today! Browse our 2022 Crane Specification Guide online.

We have made the Ainscough Crane Hire Crane Specification Guide available to browse online. In the window below, fill in the form to access then simply click the arrows or drag the corners of each page to turn the pages forward or back. For speed and to reach a page quickly, enter the page number in the box at the top.

If you require a printed version of the latest guide or download of the Ainscough Crane Hire Crane Specification Guide 2022, send us a request by completing the form below.

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Who is this guide for?

This guide is primarily for project managers, appointed persons, site managers, buyers, project teams and anyone who is a major stakeholder in organising and buying cranes on-site, seeing it through from conception to completion. However, as it is structured as duty charts for each crane specification, a step-by-step process, different members of teams will gain insight from the guide. Buyers and specifiers of cranes can learn from guides, extensive research, and ideation chapters, while project managers will benefit from timeline and planning areas.

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How will this guide help
me and my business?

Whether you are working as a site manager or project manager in a large corporation or running your own business, designing, maintaining, building, and growing your projects through new construction projects planning and new project designs, it is an essential activity to consider what cranes are required. It requires a combination of technical, strategic, and tactical savvy, often in a very competitive business environment.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the essential steps of crane specification, new ideas for your project. Building saliency and awareness has never been harder, especially in today’s digital world where consumer attention is at a premium. Managing large construction, infrastructure, industrial, power generation or emergency project is a complex task that never ends, and no two projects are the same. This guide covers the core information for planning projects and crane requirements that can evolve over time.

How is the guide

This guide takes you through the crane hire and contract lift process and the management and supervision for safe lifting operations.

  1. Depots and locations.
  2. CPA Crane hire and contract lift.
  3. Management and supervision for safe lifting operations.
  4. Selecting and safe use of lifting accessories.
  5. Lifting personnel.
  6. Crane working in the vicinity of power lines.
  7. Wind speed.
  8. Outrigger loads.
  9. Crane capacity guide.
  10. Mobile, mobile tower, truck-mounted, heavy, lattice and crawler crane duty charts.

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Contract Lift and crane hire can often be an afterthought, but by getting Ainscough Crane Hire involved as early as possible in the process you can benefit from saving time and money through true end-to-end lift management.

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