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Our design team uses our own unique Computer Aided Design (CAD) blocks to develop individual plans to meet our clients’ requirements. Using cutting edge, computer-based lift planning software, we draw up detailed site plans to illustrate the most efficient, effective and safest way to deliver your lift.

Inspecting 3D renderings of the lift before it takes place means we can offer you peace of mind that your lift is being delivered in a way that addresses all your needs while ensuring safety.

From day one, we’ll work with you hand-in-hand, so the earlier we can join you, the better. The crane specification is often overlooked in early design, but by working with you, we can design genuinely innovative solutions to reduce the size of the crane required by using new technology like vario-base and vario-ballast. Early engagement can provide solutions that save time and money by reducing the footprint of the crane.

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Why us?

At Ainscough Crane Hire, excellence comes as standard and going the extra mile to achieve the best possible results is second nature to us.

Using the latest technology, we create a detailed, 3D virtual environment, based on real-world data that enables us to devise a strategy to deliver your project. This means we can test different configurations, loads and methodologies to support the success and safety of our work on your project.

Design & Capability
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