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The Ainscough Crane Hire procurement team are committed to making the safe choice for all of our colleagues, customers and supply chain. We recognise that we are working within a high risk industry so our focus is on our Make the Safe Choice culture. As a group we engage in every project considerately, ethically and safely to ensure employees, supply chain partners and members of the public are protected from harm.

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What does this mean for suppliers?

The procurement team ensures each supplier holds the same high standards of compliance and best practice as we do at Ainscough Crane Hire. We pride ourselves on our commitment to health and safety, hold worldwide recognised qualifications and take rigorous steps to ensure we have a safe and compliant supply chain.

Ainscough Crane Hire is always on the lookout for new opportunities to work with suppliers, both current and prospective. We base our relationships on fair and honest dealings and expect our suppliers to work to the same high standards.

Registering your details

If you feel that your organisation can deliver the highest standards we expect, work in a fair and honest manner, have a commitment to health and safety, and above all support the Ainscough Crane Hire organisation, then register your interest by emailing the procurement team at

To view our modern slavery statement, please click here.

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