Tandem cranes from Ainscough Crane Hire’s Maidstone Depot have installed the latest white-knuckle attraction at Margate’s famous Dreamland amusement park.

At 39 metres high, the Deamland Drop ride is the centrepiece of nine new rides which have been installed for the 2018 summer season. It carries 12 passengers per ride who sit – leg dangling – with their backs to the main column before being shot to the top of the mast at high speed.

Rani Notariani, Depot Manager at the Maidstone Depot, said: “The lift was a really interesting one for us as we were in the amazing surroundings of Dreamland. Topping and tailing a lift is always a complicated manoeuvre but with the right planning and experience on hand it was a measured and comfortable process.

“We’re really pleased to have worked with Dreamland and happy to leave the thrill-seekers to the ride now it’s been installed.”

The Ainscough lift teams used a Liebherr LTM 1200-5.1 as the main lifting crane and an LTM 1055-3.1 as the trailing crane. The lift was carried out under contract lift conditions.

Riders are then given a free-fall back to earth before being ‘saved’ at the last moment – only to be dropped again.

The custom-built ride is the tallest attraction at Dreamland some five metres higher than the big wheel and is lit with hundreds of lightbulbs spelling out Dreamland.


Ainscough’s Lancaster depot has safely undertaken emergency works to assist West Cumbria based Ashcroft Demolition in making Carlisle’s Central Plaza Hotel safe again.

Prior to the work to stabilise the crumbling Grade II-listed Central Plaza Hotel, the derelict building was so dangerous that parts of the road had to be closed off for several weeks, causing havoc on businesses and major traffic complications.

The Ainscough team was involved in extensive planning with the demolition experts to ensure the derelict hotel would not collapse on the day.

They then used a LTM1095-5.1 and a LTM1060-3.1 to strip more than 160 tonnes of masonry from the building and the roof, chimneys, gable ends and front elevation of the upper floors were also removed.

Ross Chappell, assistant manager of the Lancaster depot said: “This was a difficult lift to plan due to its position in the city centre, as one of the cranes had to be positioned on an old railway arch. The job involved lifting down tons of loose masonry and some lifts even had to be rigged from a man basket lifted by the secondary crane.

“As always safety was at the forefront of everyone’s mind and it is incredibly gratifying that everything went so smoothly. I’d like to thank all involved for their professionalism and hard work, in particular our operatives on site and the depot hire desk, who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to organise the logistics of the day. It’s great to have all come together to help reduce disruption for the local residents, making this a positive experience all round.”


Ainscough Crane Hire (ACH) is on the hunt for the next generation of team members after launching its 2018/19 apprentice intake programme.

Apprenticeships are a key route through which ACH finds and develops the talent it needs to sustain the future viability and prosperity of the organisation. Of its current 83 crane mechanics and engineers, 25 of them came through the Ainscough Apprentice Scheme. With first-class training delivered through Myerscough College in Preston, the apprentice route is always over-subscribed and very popular with the successful candidates.

This year there are six Apprentice Crane Mechanic placements available at a range of sites across the country.

Graham Weights, Service Support Manager at Ainscough said: “In some sectors the apprenticeship route has fallen out of favour but for us it is a vital part of our recruitment as we get to shape talented youngsters into the crane mechanics and engineers of tomorrow.

“We have many people who have forged long and successful careers with us that started at apprentice level and the common ingredient is a willingness to listen and learn from the experienced people we have in the company. In our sector, there are no organisations that can match the experience we have, making an ACH apprenticeship a valuable and career-defining qualification.”

Speaking from experience, Dominic James, a fitter and former apprentice added:

“During the apprenticeship course I got to develop my skills in a variety of areas, from general maintenance all the way to major repairs and overhauls.

“I spent the first two years between the college and the depot learning the basics and putting them into practice on the cranes whilst gaining my level two qualifications. In the third year I earnt a level three NVQ and then in year four I was able to put all my training into practice by working at the depot.

“The thing I enjoyed the most was the hands on experience that we had throughout, even when I was at college.

“I was really proud to win two awards, a national CPA Stars of the Future award and the Myerscough College Award for Excellence, and I also got to travel to other depots to work with neighbouring apprentices, which was a great way for me to meet people in similar roles.

“I now work in the Bristol depot maintaining the fleet and supporting major engineering projects in the area such as Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station.

“The apprenticeship was great for me as it really opened my eyes to the realities of working for a big company. It not just the work you do, although that is obviously important, it is how you do that work and your whole attitude and approach to the company, your colleagues and, in the end, the customers.”

The full list of apprenticeship placements is:

Apprentice Crane Mechanic
Apprentice Crane Mechanic
Apprentice Crane Mechanic
Apprentice Crane Mechanic
West London
Apprentice Crane Mechanic
East London
Apprentice Crane Mechanic

Apply here . If you require any further information or wish to discuss the above vacancies in more detail, then contact the recruitment team


Ainscough Crane Hire’s commitment to health and safety practices has been recognised with a prestigious silver award from the internationally renowned Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

The award acknowledges the company’s commitment to helping its employees, customers and contractors get home safely at the end of the working day.

RoSPA’s Health and Safety Awards is the longest-running annual industry awards scheme in the UK, with awards given to companies that demonstrate and maintain the highest standards of safety and management systems, including leadership and workforce involvement.

Dave Berry, Group QHSE Manager at Ainscough said: “The achievement of this award is tangible evidence that Ainscough have lifted the standards of safety within the business.

“Our approach is only the start of our journey; this is a long term commitment to reducing risk and increasing the awareness of what we can all do to help make our working environment safer for team members, our customers and the general public.

“Simply put, it means that at Ainscough we always follow a “Safe System of Work” and, if we are in any doubt what that means, we STOP and “Make the Safe Choice”.”

Julia Small, RoSPA’s head of qualifications, awards and events, said: “The RoSPA Awards are the most highly-respected in the health and safety arena, with almost 2,000 entrants every year, and allow organisations to prove excellence in the workplace, demonstrating a commitment to the wellbeing of not only employees but all those who interact with it.”

Headline sponsor of the RoSPA Awards 2018 is NEBOSH – the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health – for the 13th consecutive year.