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20th March 2020


Tyrone Fox

Following on from the recent launch of our crane operator apprenticeships we spoke to Tyrone Fox, a crane operator and supervisor at our Cardiff depot, to find out all about what a day in this role looks like.

Mornings can always vary when you work at Ainscough.

Today, I’m finishing up a job in Newport, supervising a contract lift installing electrical equipment into a substation. That means it’s been an average rise, about 7 am, to get to the site on time and ready for the day ahead. If it’s towards the beginning of a lift operation, I’ll start my day by assembling the machinery after it’s been transported to the site.

But as a crane operator, I can never really know when and where my day will start. I’ve got 35 years’ experience in the field and have been working for Ainscough for 20 of those.

In that time, I’ve been posted all over the UK, and have woken up to a lot of different environments – from the rolling hills of the South West, right up to the tips of the Scottish Highlands.

What I’ll be working on can vary massively – you get to see a lot of different projects come to life in this job. Housebuilding, regeneration – even installing high-security systems in some of Britain’s most safeguarded locations.

Wherever we go, we’re making an important and valued contribution to the projects we’re working on.

Having such a wide range of jobs to work on is largely due to Ainscough’s diverse fleet, which allows us to assist many clients of different sizes.

I’ve driven a variety of cranes across my career, but a particular favourite has been the 90t Liebherr. I know its design like the back of my hand!

With each new day comes a new challenge to tackle, allowing you to continue your personal development. I’ve utilised my many hours spent in the cab to become a crane supervisor, meaning I’ll also spend the day carrying out important safety checks and overseeing other areas during an operation. Our Make the Safe Choice ethos is a huge part of our day to day activities.

For people considering a career in crane operation, Ainscough really is the place to be. It stands head and shoulders above the rest, and the company offers regular training and support so that both you, and your work, are always improving.

Even with thirty-five years of working in the field, there’s always something new to learn, and with every new experience comes added confidence and improved capability, and sometimes new qualifications too.

A large part of the job is meeting interesting new people from every part of the UK. Plus, there’s a real camaraderie amongst the crew. When you spend so long working and even living together, the other members of your team really do become a family.

My day doesn’t end with the final lift. As a supervisor, there are still risk assessments, sign-offs and client checks to be made, all to ensure that Ainscough’s required safety standards continue to be met.

Once I’m certain every aspect of my role has been completed to the exceptional standards required by Ainscough, I’ll head home for some well-earned rest to prepare to do it all again tomorrow.

It’s hard work and not always simple, but crane operating at Ainscough has given me thirty-five years of new and exciting experiences to look back on with a smile. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a worthwhile and rewarding career.

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