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1st October 2020



As we enter the latest stage of the coronavirus pandemic, it is only natural to have feelings of uncertainty about many aspects of our lives. With different restrictions, rules and guidelines to follow, it can be complicated to ensure you’re doing your best to protect yourself and your colleagues by sticking to the Site Operating Procedures and their regular updates.

Throughout the pandemic, we have ensured that our employees and project partners are aware that we are doing everything we can to support them. From stringent safety checks on-site to assist clients when extra resource is needed, we’re proud to have helped projects be delivered in a safe, COVID-19 secure manner during a period of great difficulty.

With winter on the way, we’re more determined than ever to support each other to ensure lifts on construction and infrastructure projects of all shapes and sizes can be delivered in a socially distanced safe way. For many clients, this will mean the use of our contract lift service.

Here are 10 ways contract lifts from Ainscough Crane Hire can help in a safety-critical and socially distant working world:

  1. Single source of truth – It can be difficult to keep on track of up-to-date compliance documents, risk assessments and method statements, particularly when communicating that information to a site team. With Ainscough, you can be sure that everyone involved in delivering a lift will be following the latest safe site operating rules.
  2. Risk assessment and method statements – Let the most experienced team of managers and lifting professionals take care of the lift project for you – our contract lift teams work to a new set of RAMs that include managing the risk from COVID-19.
  3. Equipment – Our contract lift team have the correct PPE to follow the guidance including the use of face coverings if social distancing cannot be maintained.
  4. Communication through technology – We communicate regular updates using our Ainscough App to our team as the situation changes, this includes real-time two-way communication and near-miss reporting. Communication is targeted at both individuals and teams, with regular updates on the information that applies to them. All team members are made instantly aware of new resources and help on-site. The use of videos and maps allows staff to plan their work on-site in advance, ensuring traffic flows on each project is managed to the standard required.
  5. Flexibility – During the past six months, our extensive and varied fleet combined with our strategically located depots across the country has ensured we’ve been able to support critical projects, from power stations in Scotland to new schools in the East Midlands.
  6. Your extra resource – Customers may not have the resource available to do contract lifting for a variety of reasons – why not bring in the team who always “Make the Safe Choice”, to ensure an efficient and safe lift, ensuring your project remains on track.
  7. Travel – Our contract lifting team all travel separately to the site to further minimise risk.
  8. Shift planning – Integrated rota systems provide a unified interface for companies to manage complex shift and team requirements.
  9. Experience – We have been running projects throughout the pandemic on ‘key’ and critical infrastructure projects and have the experience and expertise to support the health and wellbeing of the whole team while guaranteeing the quality of delivery.
  10. Peace of mind – Ainscough Crane Hire can handle all aspects of your lift, through all of the COVID-19 compliant health and safety requirements, to lift completion.

We’re here to help in any way we can. We can have a contract lift manager for a site survey deployed for you. Please make use of our Site Survey Team, to ensure correct crane application. Our contract lift service includes onsite survey, planning, risk assessments, slingers, method statements and much more.

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