Ainscough Crane Hire Complete Works For Bridge Link

Photographs published in the Dundee Courier have captured the moment two parts of the Queensferry Crossing were joined for the first time.

The image shows the unit linking the central and northern sections of the bridge almost reaching its final position.

Transport for Scotland’s Queensferry Crossing is being built by main contractor FCBC (Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors), a joint venture comprising Morrison Construction, HOCHTIEF, American Bridge and Dragados.

The new bridge is due to open in 2017 and forms the centrepiece of a major £1.3 billion upgrade to the important cross-Forth transport corridor in the east of Scotland.

Ainscough’s crane fleet have operated on site from the early stages of its construction.

Nearly there: local newspaper records Ainscough’s role in bridge link completion
Ainscough Crane Hire Complete Works For Bridge Link - Ainscough Crane Hire