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2nd July 2020



The past few months have involved changes to our way of life that have drastically altered our everyday activities. Family visits, work and shopping have all undergone radical changes in order to stop the spread of coronavirus. As a country, we’ve come together to adapt to these changes in order to help each other.

While many sectors such as hospitality and leisure have ground to halt, some have continued by necessity in order to support the country’s needs at a time of crisis. One of the most visible industries during recent months has been construction – whether that’s the excellent role in building Nightingale Hospitals or how project teams have led the way in working efficiently while adhering to social distancing and other vital safety measures.

Everyone in the industry has had to adjust – including our teams at Ainscough. As well as changing practices in order to ensure the safety of our staff, clients and communities in which we operate we’ve also had to tailor our services in order to meet the changing demands of our clients. As an example, many of our customers who would usually require our Crane Hire service have now asked us to provide an all-encompassing Contract Lift service instead.

Changing demands
Many of our clients are leading construction and infrastructure firms who have personnel on their books that are able to plan lifts to meet the demands of their jobs and so usually choose to use our Crane Hire service.

However, due to the changing climate in recent months – and staff shortages for a variety of pandemic related reasons – many have opted to go down the contract lift route, requiring a bigger contribution from Ainscough on projects across the country.

This has been a role we’ve been happy to fulfil, and our contract lift team is COVID-19 compliant in order to meet the demand of our customers and to ensure their projects stayed on track during this period of upheaval.

Make the Safe Choice
The companies who have employed our Contract Lift service during this time have benefitted from our uncompromising approach to safety and ability of integrated expert contract lifting to provide on time, in full every time! All Ainscough’s lifts are underpinned by our commitment to making the safe choice. Our team fully understood this and have been working hard to adopt new ways of working in light of COVID-19.

This includes strict hygiene controls and of the use of the correct PPE, working to a new set of RAMS that include managing the risk of COVID-19 and the creation of travel plans that support the safety of our team as well as our project partners. While Contract Lifts delivered by Ainscough means clients can be confident that a lift will be delivered safely, our attention to detail and advanced planning during Covid-19 results in the added knowledge that the lifting operation adheres to the safe operating guidance on site.

However, this is not just the case of our team working to the protocols planned by our health and safety team – they help shape them too. Through our company app, members of the team can report any concerns, we can share COVID-19 comms in real-time to help the team operate safely.

We have also asked our team to let us know how we can help them during these uncertain times. As an example, we are running a wellness channel on TEAMS to share good practice and how we can best care for the health and wellbeing of our whole team.

Looking to the future
We’re very proud to have supported our clients on some important projects over the past few months. There is good progress being made on-site, productivity improvements in our sector will be crucial to supporting the economic wellbeing of the country as we enter the recovery phase.

Our way of life will be impacted for some time to come. During these challenging times, it’s more important than ever for projects to be delivered on time and to schedule – whether that’s a large-scale infrastructure project or a new school. At Ainscough, we will continue to adapt to deliver efficient, safe and innovative lifting solutions for our clients.

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