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23rd July 2021



Although a regular presence at construction projects across the country, there remain many misconceptions about the many benefits and capabilities of mobile tower cranes.

Therefore, over the coming months, Ainscough Crane Hire will be sharing a series of articles that illustrate why the versatile and environmentally friendly mobile tower crane could be pivotal to the efficient and safe delivery of your next project.

To begin with, we’ll provide a refresher and explain why, whatever the nature of your project, it’s best to begin the hiring process as early as possible.


    The basics of a mobile tower crane

Combining the strengths of a mobile telescopic crane with those of a conventional static tower crane, mobile tower cranes can be set up quickly, while their compact nature means they can be utilised effectively everywhere from city centres refurb projects to industrial shutdown projects.

In whatever location they are used, mobile tower cranes bring a really impressive range of benefits that can enhance any construction project.


    Carbon friendly

Looking to reduce the carbon outputs on your project? Our Liebherr MK88 & MK140 compact mobile tower cranes can be plugged in on-site, resulting in lower CO2 emissions, improved energy consumption and better air quality as well as minimal noise once in operation.
Additionally, less supporting infrastructure, transport, and materials required for set-up than a conventional tower crane results in a further cut in emissions.


    Profit savings

A mobile tower crane only can be sited pr moved easily to where it’s required, and can be a good alternative to the hire of a static tower crane.

The use of a mobile tower crane can also allow the work to be completed quicker due to their fast setup and de-rig, meaning your project will be able to move on to its next stage at a faster pace.

For larger projects, mobile tower cranes are also able to move around a site, resulting in further cost savings and reducing the need for additional hires.


    Early engagement

Yet, for those of us that are alive to the full potential of mobile tower cranes, it’s a source of frustration that we don’t see them used more often. Sadly, the reason for this is that crane hire can often be a last-minute decision, resulting in our customers leaving us little wriggle room to provide them a lifting solution that is safe, efficient while also being cost-efficient.
All three of those qualities can be achieved via early engagement with us.

Our Make the Safe Choice culture is the starting point for every lift plan we draw up and with that at the forefront of our decision-making process we will explore all lifting solutions that can reduce the size of the crane required for any given job while not comprising on quality or safety.

Of course, the extra efficiency generated by early engagement brings with it resultant environmental benefits too. We can also detail the reduction in carbon outputs to you in advance, meaning you can incorporate these savings into your bespoke carbon plan for the project.


    Working together

As we’ve outlined, there are both misconceptions and, in some instances, a lack of awareness about mobile tower cranes.

At Ainscough Crane Hire, we want to change that – both to better serve our customers, and to ensure the construction industry as a whole can work together to make our sector as environmentally friendly as possible.

In the next of this series, we’ll be exploring those benefits in more detail, and will head to the London Road Building at London South Bank University to find out more about how the Liebherr MK140 compact mobile tower crane has supported Willmott Dixon Interiors’ commitment to eliminating carbon from its operations by 2030.

If you’d like to learn more about our mobile tower crane solutions, call us today on 0800 272 637 or click here and we will call you.

    Watch our MK88 mobile tower crane setup here:

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