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9th September 2021


One of the talking points of the COVID-19 pandemic has been what the past 18 months will mean for our city centres. Would the urban environments of offices, hotels, restaurants and bars ever be the same again?

From taking a look at the current construction pipeline, we can be certain that there are many positive signs for the future.

Earlier this year, Deloitte’s annual crane survey revealed that the number of office completions had reached its highest level for 18 years, with construction starts rising by a fifth.

The survey also found that activity rose by 20 per cent in the six months to March 2021 compared with the previous six months, despite the pandemic, with 3.1m square feet of space underway in 32 separate schemes.

As construction is generally viewed as a means to gauge the economic health of a city or region, it was welcome to see the survey’s assessment of progress of several of the UK’s great cities.
As well as new schemes, within these cities and others throughout the country, there is a raft of work taking place to improve the safety of buildings, from recladding residential blocks to improving ventilation systems and creating larger working space to make conditions safe for returning staff.

In an era when we need to make city centres as welcoming as possible, it’s imperative that the most efficient solutions are used. At Ainscough Crane Hire, we’re in no doubt that the best way to overcome these issues and ensure a safe and environmentally friendly lift programme is through deploying a mobile tower crane.

Mobile tower cranes are much more nimble than static tower cranes yet do not compromise on lifting power. Ready to work in just 30 minutes, they combine some of the best features of a mobile crane and tower crane, enabling the most reliable lifting solution when working in a city centre or constricted sites.

Mobile tower cranes are not fixed, Instead, they can be easily moved from one place to another within a site. Mobile tower cranes are flexible and only need a small amount of space to operate safely.

As we explored in our last blog, mobile tower cranes also bring with them positives in terms of reducing both carbon outputs and noise pollution.

As we’ve seen, many challenges lay ahead for city centres to get back to their pre-pandemic position.

Developers, construction firms and local authorities have to work together to ensure our cities don’t just survive but thrive.

For our part, Ainscough Crane Hire is committed to collaborating with our partners to ensure the buildings and developments are delivered on time and to budget.

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