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Whilst our operations are the customer facing side of our business, Support Functions like I.T, Finance, HR and other office staff, are key to the success of the whole organisation and our colleagues in these roles work hard to support for our staff in the field, enabling them to perform our lifting operations to the exceptional standard we demand.

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Janice Seddon: My Ainscough Story

It was only meant to be a job that lasted two weeks but after over two decades, Janice Seddon remains the beating heart of Ainscough Crane Hire’s finance team and it’s becoming a family affair. This is her Ainscough story.

I remember the day clearly. I was 12 months into my maternity leave with my daughter when I was approached to join the team at Ainscough Crane Hire. I was always in two minds about going back to work but eventually I decided to decline the opportunity. But they wouldn’t take no for an answer, and it was flattering to have someone as respected as Ainscough after you.

Eventually I relented and took them up on their offer. I recall speaking to a family friend who already worked at Ainscough and they made it very clear to me that it was simply an opportunity I couldn’t turn down and looking back now, they couldn’t have been more right.

Originally my job was only going to be a two week project helping them to launch their new computer system. It was the mid-90s and the dot-com boom was really kicking into gear. I was brought in because they knew I had experience working with computers. However, it became abundantly clear early on in the project that it wasn’t going to be completed on time. My two week contract suddenly became a month, which became three and then eventually a full time contract.

Truth is, the time has flown by. It makes a huge difference when you love what you do and the people you work with. My role has changed over the years. I have been part of the procurement, purchase ledger and credit control teams before finally settling in to my current position as payroll manager. It is a wonderful team of three, which includes my niece, we get on so well and have a laugh along the way.

It can be challenging at times but we have a duty of care to our staff to ensure they’re paid fully and on time. We are responsible for nearly 1,000 employees across the country so that’s a lot of people to process for a small team like ours. There has been plenty of early starts and late nights but we do it as a labour of love. That’s what makes Ainscough so special, every one pulls in the same direction, willing to go above and beyond.

And now I get to share this experience with my daughter all these years on as she joined the purchase ledger team in 2017. It’s wonderful to see her following in my footsteps and enjoying the role.

I look back on the last 20 years with many fond memories but there has been a few highlights that stick out to me. We’ve had some wonderful Christmas parties in my time. I also remember being treated to a VIP trip to see Take That in concert. I was picked up in a limousine at work before having an all-expenses paid experience.

But the people I’ve met and the friends I’ve made over the years is what I hold dearest. Even those in my team that leave always seem to end up coming back because they miss it so much.

I would say to anyone considering a career with Ainscough Crane Hire, what are you waiting for? Just do it! Whether it is in the head office or out on the job, everyone has a role to play as part of this wonderful team.

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