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Energy/Wind Energy – Senvion – Bagmoor Wind Farm, Scunthorpe - LTM1450 8.1 crane

Bagmoor Onshore Wind Farm, a 16MW project located in North Lincolnshire.
Energy/Wind Energy – Senvion – Bagmoor Wind Farm, Scunthorpe - LTM1450 8.1 crane

Project Overview

The project formed to sell electricity to Eon UK under a power purchase agreement and developed as a joint venture project between RidgeWind and Wind Prospect. The site comprises 8 REpower MM92 turbines (Senvion). These are rated at 2MW each, giving the whole site a rated capacity of 16MW. Each turbine is 80 metres to the hub, with 45-metre blades resulting in a maximum tip height of 125 metres.

The energy generated from Bagmoor Farm provides renewable electricity to power the domestic needs of over 8,900 homes, and prevents the emission of more than 15,000 tonnes of harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. This reduction in emissions is essentially equivalent to removing 3,500 cars from the road.

Ainscough worked with the new LTM1450 8.1 Liebherr all-terrain mobile crane, 64 tonne ballast on 85m boom with 7m fly jib on the 80m hub height turbines. Working with Senvion, Ainscough used the crane to replace a blade bearing exchange on full tandem contract lift, along with a 250 tonne all-terrain mobile crane removing and replacing the turbine blade at 45.2 m long.

What were the benefits?

Our wind energy services comprise the full range of activities, providing a complete lift project delivery solution that radically reduces interface risk. Contract lift capabilities include lift design, transport solutions & planning.

Working on full contract lift with 450 tonne Liebherr heavy crane, longer boom length, fly attachment and reduced ballast eliminated the need for a rigging crane, reduced transport costs and logistics planning. These benefits are seen during design and construction, and once the completed asset is handed over, resulting in reduced cost, faster delivery and benefit to clients and end users.

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