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Industrial – Rock and Bone – VarioBase®

When Ainscough Crane Hire was tasked with a contract lift for Rock and Bone Ltd at Fitzroy Place, London, it soon became apparent that the job was trickier than first expected.
Industrial – Rock and Bone – VarioBase®

Project Overview

The job involved lifting 4.15 tonnes of furniture and materials to a roof terrace.

After the Ainscough team completed a site survey to assess the lifting needs, a number of hazards were identified, such as cellars below ground, service cables (electric and telecom), gas pipes, water and drainage pipes and manholes, all of which would constrain the crane’s perimeter of work and meant the mobile crane was unable to mount the pavement.

Value adding benefits (headline stats and

The Ainscough team were able to successfully negotiate through these potential hazards and nominated the Liebherr LTM 1130-5, a 130-tonne all-terrain mobile crane which is fitted with VarioBase®. A detailed Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawing perfectly showed where to safely position the crane, and how much of the crane’s capacity would be used.

The VarioBase® technology enables the crane to operate on a variable platform, which increases safety and supports operators when it is not possible to fully extend all outriggers.

The crane’s outriggers and the appropriate use of 6 x 4.5m x 1.2m ekki mats and 4 x 1.2m diameter nylocast mats were strategically positioned to allow the crane to fully rig at 7.5m, 8.1m longitudinally and distributed the weight to complete the lift safely. The VarioBase® technology distributed the weight at a 20%, 20%, 40%, 40% split and involved using 89.3% of the crane’s safe working load capacity.

Further Details

The crane was able to operate in restrictive parameters whilst maintaining high levels of safety at all times, and there were no accidents or incidents reported on this contract lift.

On two comparable quotes, the first using a 350-tonne crane with the second using a 130-tonne crane with VarioBase®, Ainscough was able to save the lead contractor £14,535.

VarioBase® technology calculates the maximum lifting capacity and communicates this to the load moment limiter within the on-board computer; reducing the possibility of human error. It ensures higher lifting capacities and a larger working range, even with a maximum support base, increasing the operating ranges and versatility of our contract lift operations and diverse fleet of cranes for hire.

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