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Utilities - Birmingham Resilience Project – Barhale - Severn Trent’s AMP6

In the late 1880s, Sir Thomas Martineau initiated one of the great feats of Victorian municipal engineering; the Elan Valley Reservoirs and aqueduct to Birmingham.
Utilities - Birmingham Resilience Project – Barhale - Severn Trent’s AMP6

Project Overview

Elan Valley Aqueduct (EVA) charts a course from the mountains of mid-Wales through to Frankley WTW on the southwestern edge of Birmingham. The system functions entirely by gravity and, in its two day journey along the 73 miles of tunnels, conduits and siphons forming the aqueduct, water drops some 52m before reaching Frankley Reservoir.

At £242m, the Birmingham Resilience Project is not only the largest project in Severn Trent’s AMP6 capital programme but also the most ambitious project the company has undertaken. Ainscough have been working with Barhale on the installation of 25km of new pipeline from a new river intake in Lickhill, near Stourport to the existing Frankley, Severn Trent water treatment works in Birmingham. The purpose of the new pipeline is to run alongside to allow essential repairs to take place to the century old pipeline and ultimately help solve the ever-growing Birmingham’s reliance on just one water supply. The Birmingham Resilience Project will allow Severn Trent Water to safeguard this important asset and secure another century of service.

What were the benefits?

Barhale is one of the largest privately owned civil engineering and infrastructure specialists UK wide, across water, transport, built environment and energy sectors. For this operation, Barhale selected Ainscough as project crane supplier based on scale and service requirements of such a large geographic site. Commissioning up to five cranes a day – from 40 tonne mobile cranes to 150 tonne all terrain cranes – across such a large site brings a number of logistical challenges, that working in close partnership has overcome.

Our collaborative approach through early design involvement, engineering expertise and integrated delivery ensures we are able to complete complex projects to exacting time, cost and quality standards, safely and sustainably. Through regular, structured communication between sales and the depot, site contacts and Barhale’s procurement team, delivery of the right crane to the right part of the site safely 7 days a week is ensured; saving resource, time, cost and intangible benefits, which include imparting knowledge and experience across the project.

Further Details

Work started on site June 2017 laying the first parts of the pipeline that will be due for completion summer 2018, then leading to an extensive upgrade of the Frankley site meaning the project will be completed in 2020.

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