Crane hire and contract lifting services in Lancaster

Market leading contract crane hire and contract lifting services in Lancaster. With the UK’s largest fleet of mobile cranes operating from 30 strategic locations across the country, Ainscough Crane Hire is the only one able to offer a truly national service. Whether you require ad-hoc mobile crane hire in Lancaster for a specific task, or multiple vehicles for longer-term, larger scale projects, you can count on Ainscough Crane Hire to provide all the reliability, expertise and capability you need.

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Why Ainscough Crane Hire?

  • QHSE

    We have numerous accreditations & awards for outstanding QHSE ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 certified.

  • Availability

    We have the largest fleet in the UK, with 400+ cranes.

  • Reliability

    Stringent fleet maintenance schedules to increase availability & reliability.

  • Experience

    Expertise on all aspects of a lift; from the initial consultation stage through to execution.

Ainscough Crane Hire Services

Our safety culture ‘Make the Safe Choice’ is of paramount importance to our team. Our guiding principles centre on the idea that we all share a collective responsibility for the safety of everybody engaged in our operations, as well as anyone surrounding them – including our people, our customers, and members of the public. Ainscough Crane Hire holds numerous accreditations in recognition of our commitment to safety, and ensuring a safe system of work is a key priority in everything we do.

QHSE - Make the Safe Choice

  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 accredited.
  • RISQS 5 star rating by the Rail Industry.
  • ROSPA Silver Award.
  • Safety measures regularly evaluated, tested, inspected and audited to uphold our impressive safety record.
  • Health and safety procedures communicated and reinforced through training programmes, regular bulletins, and MAAP (the Ainscough smartphone APP).


  • Best-in-class Liebherr mobile cranes.
  • Stringent fleet maintenance schedules to increase availability and reliability.
  • Scale, infrastructure and in-house services to make cranes available for any purpose, at any time and location.
  • Extensive planning, experienced personnel and flawless execution to guarantee jobs will be completed on-schedule.


  • Largest fleet in the UK, with over 400 mobile, crawler, mobile tower and heavy cranes.
  • Nationwide 30 depot network to cover any location in the UK.
  • Fleet capabilities of up to 1000 tonnes.


  • Experience on all aspects of a lift, from consultation through to execution.
  • Extensive industry experience and highly trained personnel.
  • Sector-specific expertise for the most complex lifts.
  • Highest standards of customer service, lift design and operation.
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Expertise and dedicated logistics support

Safety is at the heart of everything we do, and for over 40 years Ainscough Crane Hire has been at the centre of a diverse range of sectors, including (but not limited to) infrastructure and construction. Our team comprises the most trusted and experienced professionals in the industry, encompassing crane operators, contract lift managers, lift operatives and engineers, contract lift managers, and health and safety officers. With this wealth of in-house expertise, we can provide planning and engineering services to target all aspects of a project – whether you require one-off mobile crane hire, industry-leading project management, or comprehensive contract lifting solutions in Lancaster.

  • 600+

    Trained operators and engineers

  • 400+

    Mobile cranes, up to 1000 tonnes

  • 30+

    Depots nationwide

Largest Fleet In The Industry - 400+ Cranes

  1. City & Small

    Up to 45T

  2. All Terrain

    55T - 350T

  3. Heavy Haulage Fleet
  4. Heavy All Terrain

    450T - 1000T

  5. Crawler Crane

    300T - 600T

  6. Mobile Tower

    MK110, 140 & AT6

“The service fully met my requirements and expectations, I have used the
local depot on many occasions and always get a first class service”

Managing Director at Babcock Rail

Leading contract lifting projects in Lancaster

Our contract lifting solutions encompass a range of services in which Ainscough Crane Hire personnel can undertake every aspect of the lift. This spans from the risk assessment and initial design, all the way through to final execution. At the design stage, we use market leading CAD software and BIM Modelling to scope the exact requirements of the project, and can also handle the method statement provision, QHSE analysis and road closure management, transport logistics and round-the-clock management.

This detailed planning is undertaken by our specialist engineers and contract lift managers, allowing you to ‘Make the Safe Choice’ when you select Ainscough Crane Hire for contract lifts in Lancaster. For projects with particularly complex or demanding requirements, we can provide our vehicles and expertise in one bespoke, turnkey package that’s tailored to your specific schedule and requirements.

Exceptional service across a range of sectors

With a large and diverse fleet at our disposal, we’re able to serve a broad array of industries including:

  • Infrastructure
  • Petrochemical, oil and gas
  • Industrial
  • Power generation
  • Construction

Our range of lifting services puts our wide range of mobile tower cranes, crawler cranes and heavy cranes at your disposal. These cranes can be made available in any location in Lancaster, either as single units or as part of a larger multi-unit contract project. Regardless of the nature, scale or complexity of the project at hand, you can rely on Ainscough Crane Hire to deliver.

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