Navigating fuel costs: Green is the new red.

Fuel prices are making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Soaring prices at the pump for all consumers, in response to global events, means the construction industry continues to face increasing cost headwinds. As we all know already, from April this year our industry will be exposed to the vagaries of fuel prices like never before as Government legislation bans the use of red diesel for the construction industry. Our use of red diesel has often helped to insulate our industry from the worst of fuel price fluctuations. The timing of having that safety net taken away only exacerbates the challenge facing our industry.

What can we do to respond?
Since the announcement that we would no longer be able to use red diesel, we’ve been proactive in our search for a reliable and cost-effective source of fuel. We’ve long seen green as the future, it presents a two-fold benefit. Along with the obvious benefit to our planet, it will also lower our dependence on traditional fuel sources. This has led us to identify HVO fuel as the best option for our business.

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