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17th October 2018


crane lifting

As part of Nottingham’s ongoing upgrades to its pedestrian and cycle links, Ainscough’s team has successfully lifted a new 50-metre bridge into place over the Midland Mainline railway.

The bridge will provide a crucial link to several key employment sites in the Nottingham Enterprise Zone, and marks a major milestone in a £6 million project to expand the city’s growing cycling and walking network.

Working on behalf of steel fabricators Briton Fabricators Limited, the Ainscough team arrived onsite in the early hours of the morning to complete the lift. Prior to this, the bridge, built out of treated steel to reduce maintenance costs, had been assembled offsite.

The lift took around six hours to complete, and the team enlisted the help of a Liebherr LTM1800, one of the largest cranes in the country.

Andrew Spink, Operations Director Heavy Cranes said: “As with anything we undertake safety is our paramount concern and focus, and manoeuvring something of this scale and weight required everyone to be working at the highest possible standard.

“The lift had to be carried out to a very tight schedule to minimise disruption to local rail services and avoid operating during peak commuting hours. The whole project was a real success and it’s great to be delivering something that is part of a much larger positive scheme. This bridge has the potential to unlock a whole new way of life for people in Nottingham, and we hope the local community will have an easier and more enjoyable commute to and from work.”

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