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23rd October 2019

Ainscough Crane Hire Boosts Fleet With New Mk140 Cranes

Ainscough Crane Hire Boosts Fleet With New Mk140 Cranes

The UK’s leading lifting solutions company, Ainscough Crane Hire, has expanded its fleet of mobile towers by investing in two further Liebherr MK140 cranes. Having a total of four MK140s within Ainscough’s fleet will enhance the company’s capabilities on lifting operations. The flexible and adaptable MK140 is perfect for use on city-centre projects, refineries and chemical plants, roof refurbishment, installation of solar panels, prefabricated component and house construction, maintenance and repair work, bridge and road building.

The all-terrain mobile construction crane boasts a compact chassis, carries a maximum of 12-tonne axle loads and allows for good road speeds. Its versatile self-erecting one man operation means it excels when space is at a premium, requiring very little space for assembly and operation which means that it can be quickly prepared for use once it reaches site.

It boasts a maximum lift capacity of eight tons, a performance that was previously only possible from higher axle classes.

Its variable raised cab height allows Ainscough’s operators to have improved visibility of the load site. Additionally, the ‘luffing mode’ allows for a luffed jib position of up to 70 degrees, while its standard 60m jib allows the MK140 to perform a wide variety of lifts with millimeter precision. The crane has a transport dimension of just 16m with a 60m jib carried on board.

Andrew Spink, operations director – Heavy Cranes, Ainscough Crane Hire, said: “At Ainscough we pride ourselves on having the industry’s most versatile fleet of cranes, and we are committed to regularly refreshing the machinery and vehicles to continually improve the service we offer our clients.

“Since we added the first Liebherr MK140 it has proven to be a vital addition and has helped us deliver complex lifts in a variety of tight and exacting circumstances. It is a hugely versatile and effective mobile tower crane and having two more increases our ability to support the companies work with across the country.”

Left to right – Andrew Spink Operations Director – Heavy Cranes Ainscough Crane Hire, Richard Everist- Managing Director Liebherr-Great Britain Ltd and Peter Gibbs Chief Operating Officer Ainscough Crane Hire.

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