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15th November 2018



Ainscough Crane Hire has played a key role in the erection of the tower crane that will enable the construction of the 100 Embankment office development in Salford’s Greengate.

The second and final phase of the Embankment scheme, 100 Embankment is being delivered by BAM Nuttall on behalf of joint venture partners Tristan Capital Partners and Ask Real Estate.

In order to enable the construction of the building, Ainscough Crane Hire was appointed by HTC Wolffkran Ltd to lift into place the tower crane that will allow workers to erect the nine-storey building.

Ainscough worked with HTC Wolffkran Ltd and BAM to develop an intricate sequence for the positioning of support cranes which would in turn enable the building of the 500T mobile crane that allow the tower crane to be fixed in place.

Due to the intricate nature of the surrounding environment, there was only one available site for the lift pad. In advance of the rigging, the project team undertook various activities to counteract the complexity of the surrounding areas.

This included the use of carefully placed spreader mats to ensure the crane’s arrival would not impact upon the surrounding structures, such as the 8m high river wall. The river wall was the most sensitive structure close to the activity, and the team undertook a monitoring programme across 72 hours in order to confirm it was safe for the crane to be put in place.

The programme involved a remote computer controlled instrument being installed on a position thought to be least impacted by additional movement and weight, with staff alerted if agreed parameters were exceeded.

It was also imperative to determine the activity would not have any implications for nearby underground travel, with the site surrounded by a series of busy roads.

Once the process began the combination of collaboration between BAM, HTC Wolffkran Ltd and Ainscough Crane Hire ensured the lift was completed safely and to schedule.

Bob Beardmore, Technical Manager, Heavy Cranes said: “This was a challenging job and its success was a result of an excellent show of teamwork by all of the involved parties. The lift took place in a complex area of Salford, and duly required a high level of preliminary research and precise preparation. When complete 100 Embankment will be a key visual touchstone of one of the most vibrant new developments in Greater Manchester, and we are proud to have played a role in its creation.”

Greg Williams, Regional Engineer – North West, BAM Construction Ltd, said: “A lift as complex as this presented a few difficulties but as a team we all got through them. I would like to thank the Ainscough Crane Hire team for its perseverance. From speaking to them this was one of the hardest rigs they have done and they acted like true professionals.”

When complete, 100 Embankment will encompass 166,000 sq ft of BREEAM Grade A office space. Located at the intersection of Manchester and Salford, the site overlooks the River Irwell and lies above the former Manchester Exchange railway station.

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