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13th November 2019

Ainscough Crane Hire Drives Investment With 14 New Welfare Escort Vehicles

Ainscough Crane Hire Drives Investment With 14 New Welfare Escort Vehicles

Ainscough Crane Hire has further invested in its transportation fleet with the delivery of 14 state-of-the-art Renault Master vans.
The new vehicles will serve as an update to the company’s current resource. Known as welfare escort vehicles, each van will be used to accompany heavy cranes to site, and will be introduced across multiple Ainscough depots this week.

Ainscough Crane Hire’s robust approach to an incident-free environment sees each vehicle come equipped with a Euro 6 Diesel engine and SCR technology. All have been built using the Government DVSA, Individual vehicle approval (IVA) certified standard.

By being abnormal load compliant, they will also be fully specified to support the cranes by carrying crucial lift items such as additional lighting, and will be painted using high visibility livery.

As well as escorting lift machinery, the vans will also double as comfortable accommodation for use during projects. Operators will benefit from full interior welfare amenities whilst working away from home.

Each van will adhere to the latest emissions standards with an eco-friendly solar panel and self-charging leisure battery system. This remote system enables the vehicle welfare batteries to be charged without the engine running or an external mains supply, and are specially designed to work on-the-move.

Graham Weights, service manager at Ainscough Crane Hire, said: “Our guiding principle has always been a high-quality service with safety, welfare and reliability at the forefront. From listening to input from our operators, and by working in partnership with our providers Renault and Cartwright Conversions, we have invested in a new fleet of advanced welfare escort vehicles which will provide an important service for both our clients and operators.”

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