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22nd August 2019


ainscough employee

People around the world have recently been celebrating the historic events of July 1969, when man first stepped on the moon. For Dave Williams, contract lift manager at Ainscough Crane Hire’s Bristol depot, the month also marked a much more personal anniversary.

That month aged just 15, Dave began his career working for crane company Grayston White & Sparrow which was bought in 2000 by Ainscough Crane Hire.

“I was fifteen years old and began as a trainee crane driver,” says Dave. “We didn’t have telescopic cranes and all the jib sections had to be put together piece by piece – it was a lot different than the technology we have now. I began working on a lot of precast concrete buildings, and immediately knew this could be a career I could be very happy in.”

Dave said: “Ainscough Crane Hire’s Make the Safe Choice approach to safety is second to none, and there is always support for members for staff if they need it. It’s a wonderful place to work.”

Dave currently undertakes a large portion of his work on infrastructure projects overseen by organisations such as Network Rail, Highways England and National Grid.

“Even after all this time I still really enjoy the work I do,” continues Dave. “Being a contract lift manager gives you a lot of freedom to work in different places and environments. I’ve formed great relationships with a lot of our clients, and it makes you feel proud to work with your team to deliver a great service.

Dave’s 50th anniversary was recently marked by a celebration with his colleagues where he was presented with a long service award and gifts marking his service to both Ainscough and the wider crane industry.

Matt Jarman, Bristol depot manager, said: “It was a privilege for us to present Dave with his long service award to mark his 50 years of service. It is all credit to him that he has managed to sustain such a long career in a competitive and complex industry. This reflects in the dedication and experience that he brings to every job which is really appreciated by the regular customers that he has built relations with over the decades”.

“Dave is also popular within the team, relying on his experience and expertise when complex lifts need to be planned and advice is required on site. The amount of people that Dave has supported over the years are too numerous to mention. I’d like to offer congratulations from everyone at Ainscough for reaching this landmark – we are very proud to have him on our team.”

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