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26th October 2015

Ainscough Invest In Heavy Crane Fleet


The investment in new cranes continues at Ainscough as we take delivery of 3 x LTM1300’s (6.2 with vario base), 1 x LTM1500 and 1 x LTM1750 (9.1 with vario base).

A Heavy Crane is anything over 150Te; taking our fleet up to 63 Heavy Cranes, including…
15 x 150Te
9 x 200Te
7 x 250Te
3 x 300Te
4 x 350Te
10 x 500Te
3 x 750Te
1 x 1100Te

With by far the largest fleet of Heavy Cranes in the UK; we have invested in the right products to deliver an outstanding service to our customers. With the most experienced heavy lifting team in the industry we are able to design the most efficient solution to make the job safe and productive. Find out more about our Heavy Lifting capabilities by clicking here

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