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13th August 2020



The UK’s leading lifting solutions company, Ainscough Crane Hire, continues to expand its fleet of mobile tower cranes following the addition of the Liebherr MK88-4.1. The highly flexible crane will allow Ainscough to further improve the service it offers its clients, whilst operating the latest Euro Stage V engine to reduce carbon emissions.

The MK88-4.1 is a self-erecting tower crane that includes a one-person assembly and remote control capability for all functions. A maximum radius of 45.0m and hook height of 59.1m combined with travel dimensions of just 2.75m x 15.94m and a 45m jib enable it to be set up quickly on-site and operated in tight, compact locations, all by a single operator.

This flexibility means it is particularly suited to jobs in city centres, as well as airports, refineries and chemical plants. It is also appropriate for roof refurbishment, installation of solar panels, prefabricated component and house construction, maintenance and repair work, air and heating cooling units, bridge and road building.

The MK 88-4.1 is designed to reduce noise and CO² emissions wherever possible, with the engine on the undercarriage only required for the journey to site. Depending on the circumstances of a particular site, the crane can be operated via an efficient diesel generator or site electricity, significantly reducing both excess noise and carbon outputs.

Andrew Spink, operations director – Heavy Cranes, Ainscough Crane Hire, said: “Following the recent arrival of several new MK140s, we’re pleased to further bolster our fleet with the arrival of the Liebherr MK88-4.1.

“Our fleet of cranes is stronger and more adaptable than ever, and we continue to be well placed to improve the service we offer our clients while maintaining the highest standards of safety. The MK88-4-1 offers a range of benefits – it’s highly flexible and fast-erecting, it will be a great addition to our work on projects across the country.”

Left to right: Richard Everist, Managing Director-  Liebherr, Andrew Spink, Operations Director Heavy Cranes – Ainscough Crane Hire & Shola Russell, Sales and Service Manager, Tower Cranes -Liebherr

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