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24th April 2020



Ainscough Crane Hire is championing the successful dismantling of a CTL430 Tower crane in Nottingham city centre for Select Plant Hire.

The CTL430 had been used by the construction services company, Bowmer & Kirkland, to build a new office block for Unity Square in Nottingham, a gateway development site located opposite Nottingham train station.

Over a weekend in mid-March, a specialist crew of five Ainscough team members worked to help dismantle the 60m tall Tower crane. Owing to recent high winds, there had been several prior cancellations and the team had to work to a tight schedule to ensure the lift could be delivered and avoid a ten-week wait for a new window of opportunity.

Paul Elms, the main Crane operator during the scheme, used a 500t Liebherr LTM1500-8.1 with 165t counterweight & 63m Luffing Fly Jib to complete the job, which was assembled using a 150t Liebherr 1150-6.1 rigging crane over a period of eleven hours late on Friday night. Marcus Hirst, Kevin Vale, Andy Walls and Rob Perrins were the other operators on the team.

The original build plan was to utilise the nearby highway to position a lift with a 22m radius. However, given the stringent time restrictions in place, the team instead progressed with a more challenging 63m radius. This meant a lack of room onsite and more uneven ground. Extra mats were placed under the crane for levelling purposes, and with a boom of 47.3m, the LTM1500-8.1 was able to reach the tower crane’s impressive height with no inconvenience to motorists and locals.

Paul Brierley, operations manager at Select Plant Hire, praised the Ainscough crane operators and all personnel for their superb work given the difficult conditions.

Bob Beardmore, Heavy Cranes technical manager at Ainscough Crane Hire, said: “Completing this lift on schedule and with minimal disruption to the public is an enormous credit to the team and we are thrilled to have received such fantastic feedback from our client, Select Plant Hire.”

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