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26th July 2017


crane lift swinton

A team from Ainscough’s Heavy Crane Division has completed a project to lift an eight tonne generator for Swinton Group.
The lift took place on the roof of 101 Embankment, at Greengate, in Manchester city centre and saw the team use a 500 tonne Liebherr LTM 1500 to lift the back-up generator into place.

The job was completed for Swinton Group, the UK’s largest high street broker, who recently moved headquarters to 101 Embankment on Cathedral Approach. The new generator will provide back-up energy for the insurance company in the event of a power outage.

The 15 minute lift took place during the night, once the pedestrian area had been cleared and local shops had closed. In total the project took four days to complete, with the rigging of the crane taking 10 hours to deliver due to 14 metres of luffer.

The team from Ainscough included two crane operators, two slinger signallers and a lift supervisor. The lift was delivered in a very narrow area near to a Network Rail bridge and Network Rail approved the job during planning stages.

The team used three cranes to complete the job including two 90 tonne cranes for rigging and de-rigging. The pedestrian footpath, where the cranes were positioned, was newly laid therefore foam and steel matting was used to protect the ground underneath.

Steve Goodwin, project and building surveying manager at Swinton Group, said: “We would like to commend to the team at Ainscough for their impressive service and professionalism on this project.

“This success of this job is a testament to detailed planning, high-spec machinery and technical operators all working in harmony.”

Jobs like this one can be challenging but our highly-skilled team were able to ensure the lift was delivered safely and on schedule.

“Preserving areas we work in is important to us. We made sure we used specialist matting to ensure the newly laid pedestrian pathway was protected during the lift. This job brought out the best in our team and it was great to receive such positive feedback from Swinton Group at the end of the job.”

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