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3rd July 2019



Ainscough Crane Hire is looking for the next generation of team members after launching its 2019 apprenticeship programme.

A key route through the business, helping us find and develop the best talent for our future and prosperity of the organisation. Of its current list of crane mechanics and engineers, 40% of them came through the Ainscough Apprentice Scheme. With first-class training delivered through Myerscough College in Preston, the apprentice route is always over-subscribed and very popular with the successful candidates.

This year there are seven Apprentice Crane Mechanic placements available at a range of sites across the country.

The full list of apprenticeship placements is:


Bristol-   Apprentice Crane Mechanic
Falkirk-   Apprentice Crane Mechanic
Maidstone-   Apprentice Crane Mechanic
Stockton-   Apprentice Crane Mechanic
West London-   Apprentice Crane Mechanic
East London-   Apprentice Crane Mechanic
Aberdeen-   Apprentice Crane Mechanic

Apply here. If you require any further information or wish to discuss the above vacancies in more detail, then contact the recruitment team

Applications close on 31st July 2019.

Call Us today on 0800 272 637