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25th May 2018


crane lifting

Ainscough Crane Hire’s West London Depot has installed a series of temporary mobile telephone antennas on Peascod Street in Windsor town centre to meet the needs of the hundreds of thousands of visitors who joined local residents celebrating the marriage of Prince Harry and Megan Markle.

With this many people in attendance, the existing mobile network infrastructure needed additional capacity to be brought in. The antennas were installed by Projex Cellular Infrastructure.

The festivities naturally, centred on the wedding ceremony held at Windsor Castle but the crowds were entertained throughout the day along the route of the royal procession which ferried the newly married couple to their wedding reception at St George’s Hall.

The half hour journey was captured and shared around the world within moments of the Royal couple’s appearance.

Lee Cooke, senior hire controller from Ainscough’s West London Depot said: “It is remarkable to think that we are having a hand in sending these images around the world. They will be among the most memorable sights from the year and with so many people attending, there will be millions of social media posts, messages and calls taking place at this time.

“Installing the antennas was a reasonably straight forward job for us but we needed to operate outside of trading hours to ensure there was no disruption to retailers. This also meant that we had only a two hour window operating window to deliver the lifts.”

Ainscough use a Bocker MPC 44 to deliver the lifts and provided a contract lift team to install and to remove the antenna.

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