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28th March 2018


crane fleet

AWES, the wind energy division of Ainscough, is investing in its vehicle fleet, with the first delivery being two pickups and two crew vehicles as it responds to growing requests from our clients on the European mainland.

The four new vehicles provide additional onsite flexibility and enable a swifter response to customer requirements at a time when the company’s European reach is spreading.

The two Isuzu D – Max Diesel 2.5 TD Double Cab vehicles can withstand tough terrains making them ideal for AWES’ work in remote wind farm locations where standard cars are not fit for purpose and the Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel gives greater adaptability on site for up to nine people.

Barry Jennings, Managing Director at Ainscough Wind Energy Services said: “Wind energy is a key sector for growth at Ainscough and having the right equipment for the job is part of our investment strategy, not just in construction, but also in our growing O&M business. Alongside this, the wellbeing of our teams operating in remote locations is of critical importance”.

“We are delivering more work than ever before outside of the UK and our approach is to have the very best operators using the very best equipment. This enables us to offer greater flexibility and ensures better, more efficient and safer service to our customers that’s why we’ve made this investment now and there is more to come.”

The vehicles are being put into immediate use as they will take to the continent’s roads this week for a project in Germany for Vestas called Reinholterhode.

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