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29th June 2022


Damian Napper joined the Ainscough Crane Hire team almost 10 years ago as a training manager within the Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment department (QHSE). He has since worked his way up to North East area operations manager, and continues to push the limits of what’s expected of him inside and outside of work.

From training manager, to head office and then operations team manager of the Sheffield and Leeds depots, Damian is now area operations manager for the North East and has plenty of experience handling risk assessments and overseeing safety management systems.

Going above and beyond on all aspects of the job, Damian also utilises his incredible skill set in his personal life, in which he has a passion for Dragon Boating – a fun-filled and adrenaline pumping water sports activity in a large canoe-like vessel.

Representing Great Britain, Damian is taking part in the 14th European Dragon Boat Federation (EDBF) National Championships in Catalonia, Spain.

The five-day event, which takes place from 31st August – 4th September, has been moved to Spain following original plans for it to take place in Kyiv, Ukraine.

After training with the British National Training Squad for six months, Damian was selected to go on trial in March. Damian will be part of a 10 man team representing Great Britain.

The world champions’ title is currently held by Ukraine, however, with the national team fighting on the front line, the association has paid for the junior squad to come along and represent Ukraine.

Damian said: “It’s an absolute honour to be representing Great Britain in a national championship I’m so passionate about. Competing with a crew of 10 men will have its challenges but we’re excited to embark on the journey and come out stronger than ever. #

“The six months of training with the British National Training Squad has definitely played its part in preparing me for the challenge ahead, however, it’s the skillset and ethos instilled in me at Ainscough that’s really equipped me for the job “

The Ainscough Crane Hire team wishes Damian and the rest of the GB Team every luck in their journey and are thrilled to have a representative present at such an exciting event.

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