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18th November 2016

Ainscough Crane Hire Assist In Complex Contract Boat Lift


Ainscough Crane Hire’s Exeter Depot has completed a complex contract lift for Exeter Fabrications at Gabriel’s Wharf in Exeter. Ainscough lifted a bespoke landing craft, named ‘Lady Dee’, into the water for launching before being delivered to their client, Loch Duart, a sustainable salmon farming company based in Scotland.

Exeter Fabrications are based in Devon and are specialist aluminium and steel boat builders. The company manufacture a wide range of vessels into European markets.

The job was successfully completed using a 350 tonne Terex AC 350/6 all-terrain crane, set up on super lift configuration.

Ainscough had to use a number of different beams, wires, slings and shackles to lift the 19 metre, 52 tonne landing craft safely and securely into the water.

Working alongside two crane operators and a lift supervisor throughout the lift, Exeter depot manager Ryan Dobson said: “The lift went very well, the craft was very large so we had to use a substantial crane. Everything was completed safely and the customer was delighted.

“We were able to call on the 350 tonne crane from the neighbouring Cardiff depot, meaning we were able to complete the lift without the need for a second unit. Due to the size and weight of the craft, planning was vital; it was a delicate operation which was delivered seamlessly.”

Exeter Fabrication’s managing director, Brian Pogson added: “Ainscough did another brilliant job for us with this lift, their employees are professional and always cover all bases.

“I’d recommend the firm to anyone that wants 100% effort and quality work. The boat is brand new, so I wanted to feel confident that the job would be done properly, and with Ainscough I felt just that.”

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