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10th June 2016

Ainscough Crane Hire Deliver Power To Northern Scotland

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The James Jack Aberdeen team at market leading national lifting solutions company Ainscough Crane Hire, have played a crucial role in the upgrading and major reinforcement of the electricity transmission network serving the north of Scotland.

Working for regional distribution company, SSE and a port services company, the Ainscough team, led by contract lift manager Richard Gallicker, have lifted six electricity transformers destined for the existing sub-station at Blackhillock.

The upgrade is needed to enable proposed wind, wave and tidal generation projects to connect to the electricity network via a new subsea cable between Caithness and Moray.

Two deliveries, one week apart, of three transformers were made to the quayside at the town of Buckie on the Moray Firth, north east Scotland. Using a 500 tonne LTM 1500-8.1 crane the transformers were loaded onto trailers to make the final miles of their journey, which started in Portugal, by road.

Arriving aboard the Elisum, the first two transformers, each weighing 80 tonnes, were set down on the dock side with the third in the consignment lifted directly onto the trailer. This was done to allow the most efficient turn-around of the vessel which had to sail on the next high tide.

“We were set up and ready to begin the lifts by around 8pm. Explains Richard.

“Buckie Harbour is relatively small and space is constrained meaning we had to be as efficient and safe as possible. We had the added pressure of having to ensure the ship made its departure time with the tide.

“Our team of six worked incredibly well to deliver for the customer. Once the lift crew had finished, the night shift ensured everything was in place and ready to go the following morning.

“It was a great job for us which we left safely and with happy customers.”

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