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16th November 2016

Ainscough Crane Hire Overcome Obstacles In Army Centre Lift


The UK’s leading lifting solutions company, Ainscough Crane Hire, has completed a series of difficult lifts at an Army Reserves Training Centre in the village of Crickhowell, Wales, on behalf of modular building supplier, Wernick Construction Ltd.

Using a 100 tonne Liebherr LTM 1095-5.1 crane, the Ainscough team assembled six 8-tonne modular units which are to be used as a supply facility for the reserves.

The Army Reserves Training Centre is home to the 203 Field Hospital whose members have been deployed on a number of military operations including the Gulf War, Iraq and most recently in Afghanistan.

The challenging lift was complicated by a line of tall trees and the adjacent accommodation building which restricted the options available to the team.

Tim Wilson, Cardiff depot’s area sales manager said: “We were contacted by the customer as they were having difficulty planning the positioning of the modular units. We gauged our options and suggested an alternative lift site which would work.

“The original plan was to position the units directly in front of the main building. There was no access there owing to the trees. The only viable option was to re-position them at the side of the building. There was enough space and we were able to carefully and safely position the units there.

“The customer was very pleased with our efforts and gave us glowing feedback. As is often the case, having the experience to understand what can be achieved and designing the lift in advance, is the best way to deliver for customers.”

Projects Manager at Wernick, Ben Hitchcock, added: “I received a personal recommendation to use Ainscough and had witnessed first-hand their professional approach.

“I regularly do crane lifts but to Ainscough, it’s an everyday experience which is very reassuring. To have someone of Tim Wilson’s expertise and experience really helped. He shared his ideas and assured me that the lift would be problem free.

“Ainscough’s cranes are always immaculately presented and are a sight to behold. We loved seeing an Ainscough crane on site and they really did do a brilliant job for us.”

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