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30th January 2019



At the turn of 2018, we launched our very own employee engagement app: My Ainscough app. The purpose of the app was to improve communications between our remote workforce and to underpin our “Make the Safe Choice” culture. For our team members it means improved communication, for our customers it means we can share learning and experience with one another in real time.

Uniquely, it allows team members to communicate “near miss reporting” in real time, team members are encouraged to share “near misses” to facilitate learning across the company.

Dave Berry, Group QHSE Manager, explained the key benefits of the app. He said: “The use of the App as part of our QHSE comms plan has significantly enhanced our operational safety. We’ve received great feedback from customers on its impact and from our teams on its usability.

“Using the App, we are, for the first time, able to send out safety alerts to targeted groups in real time. This might include information relating to a specific incident, a new piece of safety policy or a learning from our own teams.

“We have a 360 degree view of safety and the App enables us to get important information out to relevant parties very quickly. It’s a real game changer for us and it’s now an embedded part of our safety culture.”

The use of the App has grown throughout the year, uptake among the team has been strong and there is over 90 per cent uptake on downloading and using the App. It is not just a one-way tool. The App receives dozens of questions and suggestions from team members on the ground each week.

Overall, the App has improved our approach to managing risk and improving communication with our remote workforce as part of our “Make the Safe Choice” safety culture.

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