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30th May 2022

Job spotlight: Kelsey Binding, crane operator apprentice, Ainscough Crane Hire

With a supportive team and work on projects of all shapes and sizes, Kelsey Binding is building her skill set towards an eventual goal of specialising in mobile heavy cranes.

Describe a typical day in your job?

No day is typical as I am usually on site at projects of all shapes and sizes, signalling the crane operators, making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Giving the operator a perspective of the surroundings on the ground and instructions to land and sling loads is crucial in ensuring safety and efficiency. Whether it’s hand signing or radio signalling to the crane operators, my day consists of constant communication.

What do you love about it?

My favourite part of the role is the relationship I have with colleagues at my depot. Being in such a male-dominated line of work, it’s not guaranteed you will find yourself grouped with such an encouraging and supportive team, and I feel like I hit the jackpot with mine. As much as I enjoy and am fascinated by my day-to-day responsibilities, it’s the team and their championing that really make the job.

What skills do you need to do your job? How do you keep them updated?

Strong communication skills are essential due to the nature of my job, which involves a lot of signalling and supporting. Working with such heavy machinery, you’ve got to constantly be aware of your surroundings and directions.

Things rarely go wrong, but when they do they have the potential to be fatal, so it’s my job to mitigate any chances of that. As I’ve only been on the apprenticeship at Ainscough Crane Hire for almost a year, I believe I’m still building on my skill set as opposed to updating it, but I am looking to acquire my Mobile Crane Ticket in April.

What’s the most challenging/interesting task you’ve had to do?

It can sometimes be challenging as a woman in my field when we are working with teams outside our own. My team at Ainscough Crane Hire pushes me to learn and practise, so it can be a challenge when, unfortunately, there are occasions people aren’t confident that I know what I’m doing. However, my team and I are always happy when I show what I’m capable of!

Where do you want to take your career?

Since starting at Ainscough, I’ve been lucky enough to work in the heavy cranes team, working with cranes with loads that weighed up to 100 tonnes. It’s these jobs which really excite and interest me, and it’s definitely an area I would like to pursue in the long run.

My goal is to achieve my crane ticket when I approach two years of experience, and in 10 years’ time I hope to be specialising in operating mobile heavy cranes, and maybe even setting a world record!


Article courtesy of Construction Management, see here for more details.

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