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5th June 2018


crane lifting

Ainscough Crane Hire has completed a full contract lift of a 34 tonne emergency back-up generator unit for the client GMI Power Solutions.

The lift was part of a project at the Saint-Gobain’s Glass manufacturing facility in Eggborough, which manufactures flat glass for the construction industry, including float, coated and laminated glass products.

The 500 tonne LTM1500-8.1 loaded with 105 tonnes of counterweight lifted the generator and positioned it into place in a move that had to be completed within a specified time window of a few hours and within a relatively tight space.

Rob Steadman, Contract Lift Manager at Ainscough, who oversaw the whole job, said: “The lift presented many challenges one of which was the time frame in which we had to complete the job.

“Glass production at the facility is a 24 hours a day operation for which sand is the key ingredient. The crane was positioned in front of the hoppers supplying sand to the furnaces in the factory.

“The hoppers we filled with sand prior to the cranes arrival on site and were constantly monitored by the client. If the level of sand had dropped to a critical level we would have had a 40 minute window to get the crane moved.

The lift personnel on the day executed the lift in a swift, safe manner and without any issues.

The client got in touch afterwards to say “I was very impressed both with the organisation beforehand and particularly with all the people who attended site on the day. The helpful attitude in getting the job done and the attention to safety by all was first class”.

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