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31st March 2017


Ainscough make light work of VLS tower

Ainscough has completed a challenging dockside lift at the Port of Blyth in Northumberland.

The team lifted a 240-tonne VLS (Vertical Lay System) tower from a transportation barge onto a series of SPMT (self-propelled modular transporter) trailers following the VLS’ return to shore for maintence and temporary storage.

The VLS is an off-shore machine which is use to lay cable on the sea bed. These are often used to connect off-shore wind turbines to on-shore electricity sub-stations.

The team used a Terex CC 2500-1 crawler crane, configured with a 48 SSL boom, 40 tonne central ballast, 160 tonne counterweight and 150 tonne super-counterweight to deliver the lift.

Andrew Winter, Heavy Cranes Operations Director was very pleased with the professionalism and approach of the team. He said: “This lift was a significant undertaking with many variables to take into consideration.

“Lifting something of this size and mass from a floating barge is not something which can be undertaken at the drop of a hat. There are many hours of assessment and planning which are the key elements which lead to a successful lift.

“The lift itself might look straight-forward on the day, but it is only so because of that planning and the experience we bring to bear on such lifts.”

Kevin Vyse, Port of Blyth’s Senior Operations Manager, added: “The lift from a Port of Blyth point of view went very well – it was carried out safely and professionally by the Ainscough team, which is something we’ve come to expect from them. They provide a consistently good service and we enjoy working with them.”

Following this job, Ainscough have delivered other lifts at the port.

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