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7th January 2020



New year, new message for safety. At Ainscough Crane Hire, the UK’s leading lifting solutions company continues to roll out its commitment to Make the Safe Choice through the continuation of ‘stand-down’ events starting with Aberdeen depot yesterday. These were driven by a desire to raise safety awareness across the regions as we get back to work after the festive break.

Operators from the Aberdeen area participated in a Safety Stand-Down Event. The initial aim of these sessions was to call attention to best practices, review all safety learnings, discuss common issues of safety and provide a valuable opportunity for team members to share best practices. All attendees were encouraged to freely ask questions, take part in a forum for discussion, outline challenges and talk directly about safety and how to maintain the best safety standards in complex lifting operations.

Tony Morley, Head of QHSE said: “Crane Operators face many risks, today we discussed the most prominent concerns, Safety Stand Down resources and materials emphasise the importance of Make the Safe Choice of all of the Ainscough Crane Hire team educating themselves, their colleagues and their co-workers about job-related risks and provide best practices and resources regarding reducing risk for everyone.”

“Safety is paramount to every aspect of our operations, and all Ainscough employees ensure Make the Safe Choice is followed on every project we work on. It is through this combined effort and commitment among the Ainscough team, colleagues and customers that the National Safety Stand-Down has been successful in its reach, and we look forward to its continued success in the coming weeks and months”

Events continue in Dundee, Glasgow, and Leeds over the next few days.

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