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26th June 2023

My Ainscough Story: Harry Wilson

Harry Wilson, Crane Operator for Ainscough Crane Hire at the Preston Depot, started as an apprentice and followed in his father’s footsteps. Now he wants to push the boundaries of heavy lifting. This is his Ainscough story.

Growing up, I was always interested in the practical side of education and that translated itself into my job search after I left school. I started off working for a gas and water mains company, mostly digging into the ground and fitting tubing. After a short while, I came to the decision that although practical, there was more to my capabilities, and I decided to search for something else and pursue a different avenue.

That’s where my dad comes into play. He worked for Ainscough for nine years installing machinery and loved it. Growing up I always remember him telling stories of the jobs he was working on and the places he’d been – in a way sparking my interest in the crane industry. He suggested to me that Ainscough run an apprenticeship scheme, and that if I was looking for proper training and a job with variety that requires skill, – Ainscough was the place to be.

The first 12 months were spent learning the ropes with all the crane teams, doing bits of learning, setting up and signalling. In hindsight, the training team knew exactly what they were doing – it’s a lot easier to operate a crane with all the background information. Since passing my practical and becoming a fully-carded crane operator in 2022, I’ve loved every second. All the jobs are different, one day you could be fitting a hot tub, the next a roof. My recent favourite is a 125tn transformer onto a ship!

The main thing I’ve experienced at Ainscough is their professionalism, planning and proper execution. They’d rather reward safety and practicality over making the client happy. They have also been so responsive to my eagerness to be trained, they’ve facilitated my full wagon licence and have always pushed me to progress. That and they’re also a great bunch.

When I’m not lifting with a crane, I’m lifting in the gym. I’m a big fan of self-care and also enjoy taking care of my motorcycle and car in my spare time. In terms of what the future holds, I know Ainscough will push me to my potential. I want to explore each aspect of this job, the technology on offer, and pushing the boundaries of heavy lifting. One thing is for certain, I won’t be resting on my laurels.

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