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2nd October 2015

Ainscough Crane Hire’s New MK140 Crane


The MK140 Mobile tower crane is set to carry Ainscough Crane Hire to new heights. Specially selected for its compact chassis capable of accessing tight spaces, maximum of 12 tonne axle loads coupled with good road speeds. The new MK140 Mobile tower crane arrives on site fully self-contained and has fast operator set up by use of a remote control. The MK140 brings a lot of advantages:

• Variable raised cab height gives the operator improved visibility of the load and the site
• Compact outrigger footprint allows set-up in narrow spaces
• Fast work cycles
• Substantially more fuel efficient and therefore environmentally friendly
• One man can erect and operate – no additional transport required
• Quiet in operation and with built-in work lights on the booms allowing night lifts

A greater range of cranes ultimately mean more capability for the business as a whole. The new tower crane will increase the potential for even more successful lift projects right across the UK.

Ready for its first job this weekend, Ainscough have taken delivery to meet increasing demand for contract lift solutions as more customers and contractors look to Ainscough for complex project support. A broader range of cranes will allow our teams to support a greater number of projects across the country. ‘Make the Safe Choice’ in choosing Ainscough for any lift in any location by calling 0800 272 637.

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